Conservative Comedian Rob Schneider Reveals Trump Called Him ‘A Liar’ After He Told This Joke About Him

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The former “Saturday Night Live!” star Rob Schneider is one of the few openly conservative comedians working in Hollywood today, and while he’s admitted that he voted for Donald Trump, he recently revealed that he has a love/hate relationship with the former president.

Schneider’s Trump Joke

During his comedy special “Woke Up in America,” which is currently streaming on Fox Nation, Schneider revealed that he once made a joke on “The Tonight Show” about Trump that the former president hated.

“The difference between me and Donald Trump is, when I got started, my dad didn’t give me $40 million,” Schneider recalled joking.Β “I swear to God, Trump looked right at me and said, ‘That’s not true. That’s a lie. You’re a liar. Liar … You Liar! Not True. He just lied.'”

The Washington Examiner reported that a few years later, Schneider was invited to be a judge for Trump’s Miss USA pageant. There, Trump pulled Schneider aside to tell him toΒ “vote for whoever you want” and to insist that he was “not going to tell him who to vote for.”

However, Trump was quick to follow this up by saying, “But if you love your country, like I love my country… if you’re a patriot, then you’re going to vote for the blonde from Texas.”

“Then America can win Miss Universe. You want America to win, right?… Vote for who you want,” he recalled Trump saying.

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Schneider Votes For Someone Else

Schneider ultimately decided to vote for another contestant who was paying her way through medical school, much to the dismay of Trump, who called the judges “losers.”

“‘You don’t love your country,'” Schneider said as he mimicked Trump’s voice. “‘We’re going to lose to China… loser. You don’t love your country. I do. You don’t.'”

Schneider eventually apologized to Trump both for his joke about him and for not voting for his contestant of choice, but Trump wasn’t having any of it.

“I hate you now. Loser,” Trump reportedly told Schneider as he left the pageant.

Schneider ended this story by saying that he remembers thinking, “Whatever. It’s not like you’re ever going to be president of the United States.”

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Schneider Voted For Trump

Earlier in this special, Schneider recalled voting for Trump in 2016.

“It was in California, and I was writing on my kitchen counter β€” I had the ballot because, you know, in California, they mail you like 100 of them,” he joked, according to Fox News. “I was just filling them out. Not all of them. I’m not an a**hole, but you know three or four … five at the most.”

Schneider filmed his special in Florida, and he joked about just how many people are moving to the state from all over America.

“You put up with so much. You’re so kind. You have people every day, just running over your border, just flooding into Florida,” he said.Β “If you want to f— them [Californians] up, give them a piece of cheese.”

This was a reference to many Californians being dairy-free.

While Trump may not have liked Schneider’s joke about him years ago, we’re sure the former president now appreciates that he’s one of the only openly conservative comedians out there today. We applaud Schneider for continuing to think for himself, and we hope his special is a huge success!

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