Lt. Col. Peters On Weak Obama: ‘We Have a Pixie Dust President’

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Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel and Fox News contributor Ralph Peters offered a stinging assessment of the President from a military aspect, contrasting Obama with Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Peters presented a scenario in which he believes Russia, in their pursuit to intervene in the Syrian/ISIS conflict, could potentially shoot down an American fighter jet, then say it was an accident knowing full well our weak President would do nothing about it.

“This guy is good,” Peters said of Putin.

His take on Obama was vastly different.

“We have a pixie dust president who still thinks he can say something three times and make it come true.”

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Via Fox News Insider:

Earlier today, Russia commenced airstrikes on targets in northern Syria in support of the Assad regime, asking U.S. fighter jets to leave the area.

Peters said Putin believes Obama is so weak that Russia may shoot down a U.S. drone or a manned U.S. fighter jet, then claim it was accidental.

“He knows Obama would not respond militarily,” said Peters, adding that Putin will not actually go after ISIS.

“It’s transparent. He wants to wipe out all the opposition to Assad except Islamic State, leaving the world with a stark choice: support Assad or support Islamic State. This guy is good and we have a pixie dust president who still thinks he can say something three times and make it come true,” he explained.

Of course, Peters is the kind of guy who would fight the Islamic State like a real man.

The retired Army Lieutenant Colonol made headlines when he outlined his own plan to deal with ISIS.

Peters:  The way you deal with Islamic State (ISIS), these bloodthirsty, blood-drunken terrorists is to kill them. Keep on killing them until you kill the last one. Then you kill his pet goat. That’s how you deal with them.

The President would be wise to add someone like Peters to his list of advisers in dealing with threats from ISIS, Russia, or any other enemy of America.

Comment:  Do you agree that Obama operates more as a ‘pixie dust President?’

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