CNN’s Muslim Guest Refuses to Push Liberal Narrative that Trump Is Islamophobic

A Muslim doctor appearing on CNN countered the media-driven narrative that President Trump’s supposed ‘Islamophobia’ was a driver behind such acts as the New Zealand mosque terror attack.

Qanta Ahmed, a Muslim physician, actually flattened the network with a bit of a history lesson which included what to them is likely a revelation – that Republican presidents are actually beloved in the Middle East.

“Viewers should know this president and this administration is often castigated as Islamophobic, but I move in the Muslim world — in Egypt, in Oman, in Jordan, in Iraqi Kurdistan — where this president is beloved,” Ahmed said this past weekend.

“This president and the Republican Party, going back to George Bush, is very dearly held,” she added.

One has to assume Ahmed’s name is being furiously scrubbed from any future guest lists on CNN going forward. Surely this is not the narrative they expected from a Muslim guest towards the President or the Republican party.

Praise for Trump’s Condemnation

Ahmed continued by thanking President Trump for his very vociferous condemnation of the attacks in New Zealand while also noting that he is not responsible for a crazed man citing him in his manifesto.

“I did see his very categorical condemnation of the events in New Zealand and that was gratifying,” she said. “The President has no responsibility if a fanatic mentions him in a manifesto, a fanatic could equally mention me.”

Ahmed also warned the media not to help the terrorist’s goal of spreading misinformation that Muslims are under siege in the West.

“We must distinguish lethal, diabolical anti-Muslim xenophobia as has happened in Christchurch from Islamophobia,” she demanded.

“Why should we do that?” Ahmed asked. “Because if we do not, we empower Islamists who wish to propagate the myth — the same myth that the white supremacist gunman wants us to believe: That we are under siege in secular world, that we are victims in the west.”

Slammed Ilhan Omar

Ahmed recently slammed Rep. Ilhan Omar for trying to spread her own myth of Islamophobia in America by castigating her as the true bigot.

“Rep. Ilhan Omar is unquestionably an anti-Semite,” she wrote in an op-ed column, “but cloaks herself in victimhood – portraying herself as a ‘Muslim under siege’ unfairly attacked because of her religion.”

“This is how Islamism – a hateful political ideology pretending to be a religion – operates,” Ahmed revealed.

And the media willfully complies by pushing the same tired tripe that criticism of a Muslim is proof of Islamophobia.

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