CNN’s Brian Stelter Wants To Know Why Fox News Hosts Haven’t Shown Their ‘Vaccine Selfies’

brian stelter vaccine selfies

On Sunday, CNN’s Brian Stelter said that Fox News hosts should be doing more to promote COVID-19 vaccine efforts by having their high profile hosts share their “vaccine selfies” or televise themselves being vaccinated.

Stelter made his comments on CNN’s “Reliable Sources.”

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Stelter Applauds TV Anchors Advertising Their Vaccinations 

“It’s really important to see all these TV anchors, personalities, showing themselves getting the shot,” Stelter said.

“We’ve seen a lot of vaccine selfies from lots of folks at lots of different networks,” he added. “It’s been really inspiring to see.”

Stelter then noted media figures who had advertised their vaccinations.

“The Today Show’ even brought the co-hosts outside for a live group vaccination this week,” Stelter said.

He continued, “And Rachel Maddow on Friday on MSNBC talked about how she was really fearful of the needle, really worried about it, and yet it was important to get the shot and she did, and there she is talking about it on air.”

Stelter: ‘Where Are Tucker And Sean Hannity And Laura Ingraham?’

Then Stelter set his sights on Fox News for supposedly not following suit.

“So, I say all of that to make the following point: Where are Tucker and Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham?” Stelter said of the Fox News personalities.

“Where is Ainsley Earhardt and Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade?” he asked. “Where are the biggest stars on Fox getting vaccinated?”

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“I get that it’s a personal choice,” he added, speaking with Media Matters’ Matt Gertz. “I get that’s between, you know, the hosts and their health care provider, but everybody else is doing it, right Matt?”

“I mean, all across television, all these anchors are rolling up their sleeves,” the CNN host kept pressing.

“Why do you think we haven’t seen the biggest stars on Fox News get vaccinated or show us their vaccine selfies?” he added.

This is truly CNN here in this Year of Our Lord, 2021.


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