After well over a year since the New York Post initially broke the story on the eve of the 2020 election, Hunter Biden and his infamous laptop are finally getting some attention from the media.

So much so that even CNN felt compelled to report that the investigation of Hunter Biden is “heating up,” with federal investigators taking a hard look at the globe-trotting business dealings of President Joe Biden’s son. 

CNN notes that several key witnesses have testified, and more are expected to come forward and testify to the Justice Department in the coming weeks.

At issue are the business dealings Hunter Biden took up in foreign countries while Joe was the Vice President.

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Silence From The Mainstream Media

Taking CNN at face value, the investigation isn’t over small potatoes, either – with money laundering and tax and foreign lobbying crimes under the microscope. 

Hunter Biden denies any wrongdoing and has not been charged with a crime – but CNN notes that everyone from business partners, lobbyists, and even his child’s mother have already been interviewed.

Most mainstream media outlets ignored or downplayed the story – with claims of “Russian disinformation.”

Recently however, a New York Times report on Hunter Biden taking out a loan to pay back taxes, along with the federal investigation, confirmed the veracity of the materials on the now-infamous laptop.

When the New York Post broke the original story just weeks before the 2020 presidential election, the media, big tech, and those close to the Bidens went into full damage control mode to cover up the story. 

At the time, more than 50 former intelligence officials, including former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, former Defense Sec. Leon Panetta, and former CIA director John Brennan signed onto a letter stating they believed the story was Russian disinformation.

But now that the existence of the laptop been confirmed by the New York Times and the Washington Post – over a year after the election and with Biden safely in the White House – media outlets are starting to dribble out coverage.

The New York Post did not hold back on why they thought the Times felt it was “safe” to report on the story now:

“Now we’re 16 months away from the 2020 election, Joe Biden’s safely in the White House, and the Times finally decides to report on the news rather than carry the Biden campaign’s water.”

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New York Post Pushes Back

Last week, the New York Post blasted those former intel officials who signed on to the Russian disinformation campaign surrounding the laptop. The editorial board of the Post pointed out that none of the officials who signed the letter have yet to apologize for perpetuating the lie.

“More than a year later, even after their Deep State sabotage has been shown again and again to be a lie, they refuse to own up to how they undermined an election. The 51 former ‘intelligence’ officials who cast doubt on The Post’s Hunter Biden laptop stories in a public letter really were just desperate to get Joe Biden elected president.”

In fact, Clapper has doubled down and said that his signing of the letter was “the right thing to do.”

“Yes, I stand by the statement made AT THE TIME, and would call attention to its 5th paragraph. I think sounding such a cautionary note AT THE TIME was appropriate.”

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The Usual Double Standard

It is often said about the left and the media that if it weren’t for double standards they would have no standards at all.

Conservative commentator S.E. Cupp, no fan of Donald Trump and a CNN personality herself, boldly pointed that out on Sunday to fellow CNN host Brian Stelter.


Former Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell has called for a Senate investigation into the former intel officials who signed the disinformation letter if the GOP takes back the Senate in the midterms.

Grenell said in a recent tweet, “A Republican Senate MUST hold hearings with all 50 of the people who signed that letter 3 weeks before the 2020 campaign.” He continued, “Hold people accountable for manipulating intelligence for political gain!”

And on Wednesday, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) entered a copy of the Hunter Biden laptop hard drive into the congressional record after the assistant director of the FBI cyber division Bryan Vorndran testified that he did not know what the FBI had done with the actual computer.

A valid question at this point would be, to what lengths will Democrats and the media go to to hide the story as the investigation unfolds?