CNN Contributor Rick Wilson Suggests Melania Trump Should ‘Be Infected’ With Coronavirus

Rick Wilson Melania Trump

CNN contributor Rick Wilson emerged from his parent’s basement long enough to tweet a message suggesting Melania Trump should “be infected” with coronavirus.

Wilson, a former GOP strategist who loves to shower himself with negative attention from Trump supporters and not much else, responded to a CNN article addressing the First Lady’s appearance in several PSAs advising Americans on how they “can protect themselves and those most at risk” of being exposed to the virus.

The gutter-dwelling never-Trumper responded with a simple hashtag playing off the name of Mrs. Trump’s ‘Be Best’ initiative.

“#BeInfected,” he wrote.

Widespread Outrage

Naturally, there was widespread outrage to Wilson’s comments from all hemispheres of the social network.

“This is the most insidious [and] hateful rhetoric of anyone who exists in political punditry. Rick Wilson is wishing Coronavirus on Melania Trump,” wrote The Hill’s Joe Concha.

“It is despicable,” he concluded. “He deserves no platform.”

And yet, CNN gives him an ample platform.

Steve Cortes, a former CNN contributor himself, called Wilson “a disgusting creep.”

Which is an early candidate for ‘Understatement of the Year.’

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Little, Little Man

As is typically the case with this insecure, little man, Wilson had no intention of backing down and played his typical ‘I didn’t mean it that way’ shtick.

“As noted several times, it was a play off her failed #BeBest campaign, but the Trump outrage machine needs feeding,” he complained.

“Part of the outrage machine will be breathless stories on all the usual suspect sites saying ‘Wilson wished Melania would get COVID’ off a one-word tweet,” Wilson also griped.

He dismissed such criticism from anybody who would not seek direct comment from him on the matter. As if to say people aren’t smart enough to interpret his juvenile little hashtag.

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Dumb, Dumb Man

You know, for a self-fantasizing intellectual superpower, Wilson does some really stupid things.

Writing the words “be infected” and then feigning surprise when people interpret it as you wishing Melania Trump would actually “be infected” is a really “boomer rube” move.

But yea, that guy with all of his ‘books and maps and stuff’ likes to look down on others …

Wilson recently just fell for a very obviously fake tweet in an attempt to smear President Trump over the stock market. A stock market struggling directly due to the coronavirus crisis.

The elevator doesn’t exactly go to the top floor in Wilson’s head, does it?

Aside from the condescension, this CNN contributor is actively cheering on market chaos and hoping the First Lady gets infected with the coronavirus.

He enjoys Americans suffering as long as it reflects poorly on the man that haunts his nightmares, President Trump. Guess that makes him the perfect CNN guest.

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