Clinton Library Trolled About Epstein Scandal After Asking What Bill Clinton’s First Email Was About

The Clinton Library quickly deleted an image of Bill Clinton sending his first-ever email as the former President is engulfed in controversy over the Jeffrey Epstein files.
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It seemed innocuous enough, at least that’s what the folks behind the Clinton Library X account were probably thinking.

Indeed, somebody at the Clinton Presidential Center sent out a social media post celebrating the “first-ever email” sent by former President Bill Clinton.

“On November 7, 1998, Pres. [Bill Clinton] typed out and sent his first-ever email!” they wrote. “Can you guess who it was to?”

The post on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, was meant to celebrate World Typing Day, and it shows Clinton hunting and pecking away at a very outdated laptop.

But the Clinton Library quickly regretted asking users to guess who the recipient of the email was on that day 25 years ago.

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Image Of Clinton Deleted By Clinton Library After Jeffrey Epstein Replies Poured In

The Clinton Library message might have gone completely unnoticed on X, if not for the incredibly bad timing in their post. Timing that coincides with Clinton’s name being mentioned repeatedly in the latest Jeffrey Epstein document releases.

You know, the ones in which the former president is described by attorneys for one of the late billionaire pedophile’s victims as a “key person” in defining the relationship between Epstein and his madam Ghislaine Maxwell.

The ones that show another woman who claimed Epstein sexually abused her saying in her deposition that the financier related that “Clinton likes them young, referring to girls.”

The ones in which another Epstein accuser claimed that there were actual sex tapes of Clinton.

Lordy, I hope there are tapes. Though, there is no evidence of said tapes, and the person who made that claim later recanted.

Still, X users had a field day guessing who received the first email Clinton ever sent, with a vast majority naturally responding by mentioning Epstein’s name.

“Dear Jeffrey Epstein, I like them young,” wrote Libs of TikTok creator, Chaya Raichik.

Fox News reports that the Clinton Library initially limited responses to their post, but ultimately deleted it faster than you can say, “Epstein didn’t kill himself.”

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Who Was The Email To?

For those curious as to the answer to the Clinton Library’s post – Clinton’s “first-ever email” as president was to the late Senator John Glenn.

In 1998, at age 77, Glenn flew on Space Shuttle Discovery’s STS-95 mission. Glenn had been an astronaut for NASA in the 1960s, becoming the third American in space, and the first American to orbit the Earth, which he did three times.

Clinton, responding to an email from Glenn said, “Hillary and I had a great time at the launch. We are very proud of you and the entire crew, and a little jealous.”

The Clinton White House archives state that Clinton “became the first President in history to have a public e-mail address” in 1993.

Hillary Clinton also later famously achieved some notable achievements regarding emails.

The former President’s handlers maintain Clinton did not have a close relationship with Epstein, and that he was unaware of his criminal activity.

Epstein was convicted of procuring for prostitution a girl below the age of 18 in 2008 and was facing sex trafficking charges until he died allegedly by suicide in a Manhattan jail cell in 2019.

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