Hillary Clinton might “dream” about open borders, but when it comes to illegal immigrants in her campaign office, it’s a total nightmare.

At least, that’s the case for some campaign volunteers in Pittsburgh, who when confronted by illegal immigrants in their office sporting ankle bracelets, called the authorities to step in and secure the border.

A group known as the Buffalo 25, which demands “Dignity, Respect, Permanent Protection for the immigrant community,” occupied Clinton’s campaign office this week. But they weren’t just any group of immigrants who went through the naturalization process legally. They were, of course, illegal immigrants.

How do we know this?

Some of them had to charge their ankle bracelets.

Via the American Mirror:

Illegal aliens were photographed charging their ankle monitors during a campaign event at Hillary Clinton’s Pittsburgh office on Thursday.

Movimento Cosecha, which urges “Dignity, Respect, Permanent Protection for the immigrant community,” tweeted a photo of the moment.

A group, known as the “Buffalo 25,” occupying Clinton’s office with sleeping bags, effectively sought asylum there.

What did Hillary’s campaign do when the office became overrun with too many illegal immigrants? Called border security. Or at least, the local police.

There is so much irony here it’s difficult to digest. First, the fact that illegal immigrants thought they could find asylum in Hillary’s campaign office is practically a microcosm for how she wants to run America.

Then of course, volunteers working for a presidential candidate who openly fantasizes about open borders and lawlessness decided they had to close their borders and ask law enforcement for help. It’s so rich it hurts.

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