Civil Rights Leader: Martin Luther King Has to Be Spinning In His Grave


Joe Hicks, a civil rights leader in direct contrast to the civil rights agitators in today’s day and age (See Sharpton, A. and Holder, E.), responded to violent protests being carried out in Baltimore by calling those carrying out the crimes “thugs” and suggesting Dr. Martin Luther King would be “spinning” in his grave to see the destruction of a city used as some sort of “movement.”

Hicks says that while there is a “certain amount of justifiable outrage” over the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore, there is no justification for not letting the legal system determine what happened and mete out justice.

Via Fox News Insider:

On the “Kelly File” tonight, former civil rights leader Joe Hicks reacted to the violent protests in Baltimore calling out individuals who are comparing the current state of America to the civil rights movement.

“There’s almost this notion that this has become the new civil rights movement and oddly enough, this has got to have people, like Dr. King, spinning in their grave to hear people describe this as some sort of “movement” now,” Hicks said.

“After all the progress, after a black president, after a black attorney general, you’ve got these thugs in the street that do create real issues for race relations in this nation,” Hicks said.

Hicks would also add that ‘the real threat is black men who are killing other black men, not police killing black men.’

Watch his comments below…

Do you agree with Mr. Hicks? Are “thugs” exploiting the civil rights movement and the efforts of such leaders as Martin Luther King, simply to commit further crimes? Tell us your thoughts below.

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