Church Choir Performs ‘Make America Great Again’ Song

A church choir from Dallas, Texas, performed a song called ‘Make America Great Again’ at the recent ‘Celebrate Freedom Rally‘ and it caught the attention of a very important music critic – President Trump.

With lyrics such as “Lift the torch of freedom all across the land” and “following the vision to make her proud and grand,” the song was quite the hit for a crowd consisting mostly of veterans and evangelical Christians.

The President himself seemed to enjoy it, sharing the tune with his followers on social media:

Via ABC News:

President Trump started Independence Day with a tweet featuring a church choir’s performing its rendition of “Make America Great Again.”

The song by First Baptist Church in Dallas premiered Saturday night during its “Celebrate Freedom Rally,” and was written by the church’s former minister of music Gary Moore.

It was performed about half-an-hour into the nearly two-hour concert.

Trump spoke at the rally, delivering a stirring speech which included many comments about America being great again under his leadership.

He praised our country and its veterans as being “a land rich with heroes.”

He explained how he’s cleaning up the ISIS mess left behind by President Obama.

And he vowed to continue the battle for religious freedom.

No wonder people are singing about Trump’s slogan – and it’s not just a church choir.

Remember Joy Villa, the artist who wore a Make America Great Again dress to the Grammys?

Well, she has her own ‘Make America Great Again’ song that was just released, something she calls “a love song for America.”

“I think he’s done amazing,” Villa said about the President. “I love that he’s moving fast.”

He’s “pushing people to work” and has already soared “leaps and bounds over the last administration,” she added.

You can check out Villa’s new song here.

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