Chuck Todd Announces He’s Leaving ‘Meet the Press,’ Conservatives Rip Him Apart

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By Dr. Derek Ellerman

Chuck Todd, the current host of the once-prominent Sunday news show “Meet the Press,” announced some big changes to the show.

Namely, he will be leaving the show at the end of the summer. He told his viewers he was proud of the work done by his team over his tenure over the show.

Todd, known as “F. Chuck Todd” by the late, great, Rush Limbaugh, took over “Meet the Press” in 2014 and has been the anchor ever since.

As one can imagine, not everyone was heartbroken over the announcement.

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F. Chuck Gets Blasted

There are few things hated more than the Fake News. Whether witting accomplices or not, network faces like Todd invariably take all the heat for what their shows and outlets produce.

Chuck Todd, Rachel Maddow, Anderson Cooper – the same could be true for any of them.

That is absolutely evident in the responses NBC received to Todd’s announcement.

Here are some of the best ones!

Spanky got in the action:

Others lamented the passing of former host Tim Russert:

Todd’s bias, and Russert’s lack of it (ha!) was expressed by numerous people:

Conservative journalist Emerald Robinson really went for the jugular:

Perhaps my personal favorite is this, from Trump confidante Steve Bannon:

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F. Chuck’s Legacy

Obviously, many are speculating about what’s really going on. Is Todd being pushed out? Is NBC upset because he has so many viewers? Is he just fed up? Perhaps even moving on up in the world since he did such a stand out job informing the American people about the corruption and doings of their overlords.

I want to give F. Chuck some credit here.

Yes, he has a fairly predictable liberal. He was whining that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is ‘politicizing’ Communism by making it part of Florida’s curriculum.

He nearly blew up at Republican Tom Reed after the Congressman said he would support Donald Trump for President in 2024.

He allowed ridiculous propaganda on his show, like this guy who claimed 30 million Americans were going to rise up and arm themselves to put Trump back in office.

But more recently he did something that was, for me, like hearing The Rolling Stones for the first time.

He called for a new Church Committee to investigate the FBI after the Durham Report showed what really went down with RussiaGate.

For those unfamiliar, the Church Committee and the related House Select Committee on Assassinations are the most important things Congress has done since the beginning of the 20th Century, and uncovered deep state crimes so ludicrous that they seem like Ian Fleming novels.

For Todd to call for another – something you know the deep state will pull out all the stops to prevent – is a good coda on a career.

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