Chuck Schumer Blames Trump For Capitol Riots: ‘The People Who Follow Him’

On Wednesday evening, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer took to the Senate floor to attack President Donald Trump and “the people who follow him” after the violent Capitol Hill protests that unfolded earlier in the day.

Schumer said, “But make no mistake, make no mistake, my friends, today’s event did not happen spontaneously.”

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Schumer: ‘Mob’ Was Trump’s Doing, ‘Incited By His Words, His Lies’

Then the Democratic leader set his sights directly on Trump.

“The president, who promoted conspiracy theories and motivated these thugs, the president, who extorted them to come to our nation’s capital, egged them on, he hardly ever discourages violence, and more often encourages it,” Schumer said.

“This president bears a great deal of the blame,” he continued. “This mob was in good part President Trump’s doing, incited by his words, his lies.”

Schumer continued, “This violence, in good part, his responsibility, his everlasting shame. Today’s events certainly, certainly would not have happened without him.”

Schumer said January 6 would go down history.

Schumer Warned Of The ‘Consequences Of A Demagogic President’

“Now, January 6 will go down as one of the darkest days in recent American history, a final warning to our nation about the consequences of a demagogic president, the people who enable him, the captive media that parrots his lies, and the people who follow him, as he attempts to push America to the brink of ruin,” Schumer said.

“As we reconvene tonight, let us remember, in the end, all this mob has really accomplished his delay our work for a few hours,” the Senate Minority Leader finished.

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A Tragic Death During Capitol Protests

An unarmed woman was shot and killed during the Wednesday riots, reportedly by Capitol Police. She was later revealed to be 41-year-old Ashli Babbit – a 14-year Air Force veteran.

When Vice President-elect Kamala Harris is sworn in on January 20 along with her tie-breaking Senate vote due to the Democratic victories in Georgia runoff elections, Schumer will become the Senate Majority Leader.

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