Handler wrote on Twitter Thursday, “The corruption is on a level that surprises me every day, yet they do it with confidence and arrogance because they are with a man who hasn’t yet paid for any of his actions. That is why we need to impeach Barr and Trump. I’m so sick of information being held from the public.”

But is any of what she said remotely true? Breitbart reports:

There hasn’t been anything “held from the public.” AG Barr’s testimony before Congress this week was based on his summary of the report by special counsel Robert Mueller that essentially exonerated Trump from charges of “collusion” and obstruction of justice.

Barr did not originate the assertion that the president was not guilty of the claims lodged against him for two years by the Democrats and the media. Robert Mueller did that.

Further, Barr’s summary of Mueller’s 400-page report is no act of subterfuge or any withholding of information from the American people because Mueller’s entire report can be read by anyone at any time by just downloading it from the Internet.

Handler is a longtime Trump-hater and will obviously hang on to whatever part of the Mueller report Russia collusion conspiracy theory suits her purposes.

But facts are facts, and truth is truth. Either Trump was a Russian agent involved in collusion or he wasn’t. The Mueller report discovered this fact, or it didn’t. It didn’t.

After this almost two-year exhaustive investigation, Mueller found nothing. Will Democrats finally move on?

Will Chelsea Handler?