Charles Payne Piledrives Geraldo Rivera With Reality: ‘You Think Russia Was Gonna Drop a Bomb on President Biden?!’

Fox Business host Charles Payne nearly lost it on Geraldo Rivera after the two sparred over a video showing air raid sirens being heard as President Biden made a surprise visit to Ukraine earlier this week.
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Fox Business host Charles Payne nearly lost it on Geraldo Rivera after the two sparred over a video showing air raid sirens being heard as President Biden made a surprise visit to Ukraine earlier this week.

Payne called the incident “phony.”

CNN described the scene as such:

The president of the United States, in overcoat and shades, strolled through Kyiv in daylight, visiting a historic church as air raid sirens wailed and standing exposed alongside President Volodymyr Zelensky in the city’s vast, open and iconic St. Michael’s Square.

However, CNN reporter Alex Marquardt noted that the air raid sirens had been silent for days and only started blaring upon Biden’s visit.

“I’ve been here for the past five days,” Marquardt stated. “I have not heard any explosions, I have not heard any explosions until about half an hour ago, right when President Biden was in the center of Kyiv.”

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Charles Payne Goes OFF on Geraldo

Marquardt’s comments left some people speculating if the air raid sirens during Biden’s visit to Kyiv were performance art. Count Payne among those who think it was for show.

“The only thing I did not like about President Biden’s visit was the air raid sirens. That was the most phony baloney stuff,” he claimed.

Rivera countered that Ukraine had “lost 100,000 people,” but Payne was not dissuaded from calling it “Hollywood junk.”

Rivera accused Payne of taking an unnecessary “partisan jab.”

“Russia was notified that Biden was coming,” Payne shouted. “Do you think Russia was gonna drop a bomb on President Biden?!”

Rivera insisted Payne was incorrect in saying Russia was notified ahead of time, which is false.

ABC News reported that the United States alerted Russia to President Biden’s trip “hours before he arrived.”

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Payne Rips NYC Mayor Eric Adams

Charles Payne has been on an absolute tear in recent days. And he does so with charm, a rapier wit, and uber-fashionable suits to boot.

He thoroughly shredded Eric Adams earlier this week when the New York City mayor criticized Florida Governor Ron DeSantis during a recent visit to his city.

“Welcome to NYC,” Adams tweeted, “a place where we don’t ban books, discriminate against our LGBTQ+ neighbors, use asylum seekers as props, or let the government stand between a woman and health care.”

The snide tweet continued: “We’re happy to teach you something about values while you’re here.”

Adams and DeSantis have publicly sparred after the Republican governor began demanding New York City live up to their self-proclaimed reputation as a ‘sanctuary city’ by bussing illegal immigrants there.

Payne metaphorically murdered Adams over the comments, starting with the city’s education system.

“Let’s start with ‘a place where you don’t ban books,’” Payne fired back. “You might as well ban them in New York City, because our kids can’t read. Ban them and burn them, because you don’t teach our kids how to read. What the hell good are books in the first place?”

Straight fire.

As for the LGBTQABCXYZ community, Payne says everybody he knows is making a beeline for Florida every chance they can.

“LGBTQ — I don’t know any member of my family, friends, that LGBTQ — first minute they get, they’re off to Florida,” Payne added.

“They leave New York for Florida every weekend, they’ll slip out on a Friday and come back on a Saturday. Are you kidding me? Yeah, [Florida] is a big, bad spooky place, give me a break on that one.”

Payne also slammed Adams over his hypocrisy when it comes to illegal immigrants.

“Soon as they go to the richest places in America — New York City, Martha’s Vineyard — ‘We can’t afford them, we’re afraid, we’re clutching our pearls, how dare they send these people up here?’” he said.

Florida is among the top destinations for people currently fleeing blue states like New York.

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