Supreme Court Nominee Kavanaugh Honors Commitment to Serve Meals to the Homeless

Brett Kavanaugh helps homeless

Considering the whirlwind of activity in his life over the last few days, nobody would be surprised if Judge Brett Kavanaugh had to cancel some prior commitments and instead focus on securing his nomination for the Supreme Court.

But this ‘frat boy,’ as the liberals have dubbed him, doesn’t roll like that.

After being nominated by President Trump to sit on the highest court in the land on Monday, and having met with lawmakers on Capitol Hill on both Tuesday and Wednesday, and as he prepares for weeks of meeting with dozens of Senators, Kavanaugh was spotted by a passerby feeding dinner to the homeless. (RELATED: Kamala Harris’ Office Refused White House Call Over SCOTUS – ‘We Want Nothing to Do With You’).

That’s right, the guy who the media is portraying as a sign of the apocalypse, took time to feed dinner to the homeless.

Kavanaugh was honoring a prior commitment he made with St. Maria’s Meals program, a Catholic Charity in downtown Washington at which he serves as a volunteer.

“The motto of my Jesuit high school was, ‘Men for others,'” the judge said during his remarks at the announcement that he would succeed Justice Anthony Kennedy.

“I have tried to live that creed.”

While Kavanaugh was busy feeding the homeless, the media was pouring through his financial documents and latched onto this scandal – Apparently, the judge bought season tickets to the Washington Nationals using credit cards, then paid off all of the debt when his friends kicked in their share.

We’re not kidding. That was the best they could do to try and take the man down.

Some Democrats have suggested Kavanaugh’s nomination will “threaten the lives of millions of Americans.”

Seems odd for a guy who’s going to threaten so many people to be volunteering at a soup kitchen.

Of course, whenever Barack Obama took time out of his busy life to feed the homeless, it became a national news story.

Kavanaugh does it and it has to be captured by a random passerby who just happened to notice. Given that the left has pledged to engage in an all-out war to take down Kavanaugh, they will never highlight such wonderful stories that illustrate his kindness and humility, but we will.

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