Bombshell: IRS Whistleblower Drops Name of Alleged ‘Senior’ Biden Official Who Lied to Congress

Reports have surfaced that the "senior Biden official" named by an IRS whistleblower as having lied to Congress about a criminal investigation into Hunter Biden is Attorney General Merrick Garland.
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Reports have surfaced that the “senior Biden official” who an IRS whistleblower claims lied to Congress about a criminal investigation into Hunter Biden is in fact Attorney General Merrick Garland.

The presence of a whistleblower was revealed last week when a lawyer for the unnamed IRS official sent a letter to congressional committee members indicating he was seeking to expose “preferential treatment” and false testimony to Congress by a “senior political appointee.”

The individual was seeking whistleblower protections should they come forward with the “extensive documentation” to prove their accusations.

“Despite serious risks of retaliation,” the letter reads, the IRS whistleblower is seeking to reveal three key elements of the cover-up

  • Contradictory sworn testimony to Congress by a senior political appointee.
  • The “failure to mitigate clear conflicts of interest in the ultimate disposition of the case.”
  • Details regarding “preferential treatment and politics … that would normally be followed by career law enforcement professionals in similar circumstances if the subject were not politically connected.”

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IRS Whistleblower Claims Merrick Garland Lied to Congress

The New York Post is reporting that the “senior political appointee” targeted by the IRS whistleblower is none other than Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Garland, they write, is the man whose “sworn testimony to Congress is being challenged.”

During an Appropriations Committee hearing roughly one year ago, Garland told Senator Bill Hagerty that “there will not be interference of any political or improper kind” in the investigation of Hunter Biden.

Garland also testified that he “is committed to the independence of the Justice Department from any influence from the White House in criminal matters.”

In further testimony to Senator Chuck Grassley in March, Garland was challenged to clarify that assessment.

“Does the Delaware US attorney lack independent charging authority over certain criminal allegations against the president’s son outside of the district of Delaware?” Grassley (R-IA) asked.

“I’ve promised to ensure he’s able to carry out his investigation and that he be able to run it and if he needs to bring it in another jurisdiction, he will have full authority to do that,” Garland replied.

Now however, the whistleblower is asserting that the President’s son is actually being protected by federal bureaucrats.

Giving false testimony to Congress is a crime that can be punishable by up to five years in prison, though the lie has to be proven as being intentional.

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Protecting Hunter Biden

Should the IRS whistleblower’s claims ultimately be proven true, it would highlight yet another instance in which the Biden campaign and administration had gone through extraordinary measures to protect Hunter Biden.

The Political Insider reported last week that Secretary of State Antony Blinken, while working with the Biden campaign in 2020, was the impetus to create the infamous letter signed by 51 intelligence officials indicating Hunter Biden’s laptop amounted to ‘Russian disinformation’.

A Secretary of State who interfered in an election and an Attorney General in Merrick Garland who may have perjured himself are quite the back-to-back stories pointing to corruption in this administration.

Chris Clark, an attorney for Hunter Biden, has already threatened the IRS whistleblower in advance of the potential bombshell testimony and documentation he may provide.

“It appears this IRS agent has committed a crime,” Clark told NBC News. “It is a felony for an IRS agent to improperly disclose information about an ongoing tax investigation.”

Sounds like witness intimidation.

The FBI has allegedly seen “growing frustration” within their ranks due to a completely stalled investigation into Hunter Biden’s alleged tax evasion and lying about his drug use on a form for a gun purchase.

That investigation, some sources have claimed, was actually wrapped up a year ago. And yet, there have been no charges.

Garland, even prior to these allegations, has run the most politically motivated Department of Justice in modern history, jailing political opponents after specious claims of an insurrection, pursuing parents as domestic terrorists using the Patriot Act, and criminally pursuing pro-life advocates.


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