Bolling: Liberals Have No Logic Or Common Sense


Fox News host Eric Bolling used the fate of California and their massive water problem to point out that heavy-handed liberal policies are not only causing issues for the Golden State’s farming production, but causing prices to rise across the board for everyone.


“40 years of almost uninterrupted, heavy-handed (liberal) control,” Bolling said. “And liberals don’t possess logic, common sense or business sense.”

Via Fox News Insider:

On “Cashin’ In” today, Eric Bolling said that California’s massive water problem isn’t California’s problem alone.

“The Golden State, now turning brown, produces one half of all fruits, nuts and vegetables consumed in America. And prices are rising across the board,” Bolling pointed out.

“They should have planned for dry skies, but instead the liberal state directed water away from farming areas and residential developments in order to protect wild life,” Bolling said. “Billions of gallons of water are diverted away from the delta growing region and into the ocean every day to protect the delta smelt, a two-inch fish. All told, more than 30 percent of the state’s water is allowed to drain into the Pacific Ocean.”

“Wake up, California. You don’t have a water supply problem. You have a water management problem,” Bolling said, noting that the state actually has a massive annual water runoff surplus.

“But 40 years of almost uninterrupted, heavy-handed Democrat control of the state legislature has California drying up, and not for a lack of rain.”

Bolling went on to explain that billions of dollars and billions of gallons of water are mismanaged, and instead of being used to prepare for dry periods, the funds and water are being used to protect an inedible fish.

2016 Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina made similar comments earlier this month, saying “overzealous liberal environmentalists” were responsible for the water shortages caused by California’s ongoing drought.

She said they are “willing to sacrifice other people’s lives and livelihoods at the altar of their ideology.”

While Bolling claimed that 30% of the state’s water washes out to the Pacific Ocean, some estimates state that 70% of California’s rainfall washes away from farming areas annually.

Bolling bluntly pointed out what the problem is in California.

They’re “loaded with liberals,” he said.

“And liberals don’t possess logic, common sense or business sense.”

Watch Bolling lay down some truth bombs for the far-left environmental loons out west…

Do you agree with Bolling? Do liberals possess logic or common sense, or are their policies alone the reason California is suffering right now?

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