94-Year-Old Bob Dole Refuses to Stay in His Wheelchair for the National Anthem

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World War II veteran Bob Dole received a Congressional Gold Medal at the U.S. Capitol earlier this week, the highest civilian honor one can attain.

Dole, a senator and former presidential candidate, received the award as recognition for his service to our nation as a soldier, statesman, and legislator, particularly his work in commissioning the World War II Veterans Memorial.

“Bob Dole has spent a lifetime serving this country with courage and conviction,” Vice President Mike Pence said during the ceremony.

President Trump called the event “an incredible moment in history,” labeling Dole a “true American hero.”

The 94-year-old spends a majority of his time getting around with the help of aides and a wheelchair due to numerous health issues.

He accepted the medal from that wheelchair saying, “I am extremely honored to accept this great honor.”

But there was one moment during the ceremony where Dole refused to stay seated … the playing of the National Anthem.

As the color guard presented the American flag and the flag of the Armed Forces, Dole motioned to an aide to come help him in rising to show respect.

It is an unbelievable lesson to athletes – particularly NFL players – actors, and anti-American liberals, that the flag represents something much more than their social justice warrior agendas.

Simply incredible!

President Trump cited the World War II Veterans Memorial as an enduring piece of Dole’s legacy.

“They will hear the story of Bob Dole,” he said. “And in hearing that story, they will truly learn what it means to be a great American.”

And in one simple act – standing for the National Anthem despite his current physical condition – they will also recognize him as a great American.

Bob Dole – senator, veteran, great American, and now Congressional Gold Medal recipient – is an example of whom every person in our nation should strive to be.

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