Bloomberg Set To Give $16 Million To Black And Hispanic Felons So They Can Vote In Florida

Bloomberg Florida

Mike Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York, will spend $16 million to pay off legal fees for black and Hispanic felons so they can vote in Florida.

The Washington Post reported that Bloomberg, who failed miserably in his attempt to gain the Democratic nomination earlier this year despite spending a billion dollars, will pay the court fines and fees of around 32,000 black and Hispanic felons in the Sunshine State.

Paying Debts Of 32,000 Black And Hispanic Felons

The funding will go towards the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, and will pay the fines, fees, and restitution costs of the felons.

Any black or Hispanic felon who is already registered to vote and owes less than $1,500 will be eligible to apply.

Florida law prevents these felons from voting until they have paid off any and all outstanding fines to the state.

There are around 775,000 felons who still owe money at the time of writing.

Bloomberg’s money will be combined with the $5 million already raised by the program for black and Hispanic felons.

It comes as Bloomberg has dropped $100 million into the state of Florida to help Joe Biden win the election against President Trump come November.

A Racist Ploy For Democrat Votes

The program specifically excludes white felons who wish to vote, meaning any white felon who fell into the same monetary category could very easily sue the FRRC for racial discrimination.

While I, and the vast majority of Americans, don’t agree with felon voting, I think they should sue! Simply because it’s potentially the fastest way to shut down this obvious voter bribery.

Despite it having very little public support, the Democrats have been pushing felon-voting constantly, including voting in prisons themselves, because the only way they can win elections now is through downright cheating.

Just with mass migration, they create new voters to combat decent, hardworking Americans. As I wrote earlier this year, when the Iowa GOP governor gave felons the right to vote, “people deserve second chances, but voting is a privilege, not a right.”

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