As we are a family-friendly production, I will not engage in any “Slick Willie” jokes.

Still, we’re glad to see Bill Clinton isn’t letting the grind of campaigning for his wife slow him down. In fact, he’s managed to secure himself what might be the best assignment on the trail he could possibly think of – a campaign speech in Vegas, minutes from a national porn convention.

Via the Daily Caller:

Bill Clinton will be giving a speech Thursday evening in Las Vegas, this trip happens to coincide with the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo.

Clinton will be speaking at the Advanced Technologies Academy about why his wife is the “the best choice in 2016.”

The Advanced Technologies Academy is a convenient 20 minute drive from the Hard Rock Casino where the porno convention will be held.

At the convention Thursday night, there will be a “Private Suite Party,” and while many adult actresses and actors will attend, Brooklyn Lee and Tasha Reign who have been previously photographed with Bill will not be in attendance. According to Lee, Clinton wanted to meet them, despite the protestations of Secret Service agents, and he, “just kind of winked and smiled and gave us hugs.”

Bill Clinton

Seriously though, the last time Bill got any where near adult film stars we got images like this that will last a lifetime:

Bill Clinton

It also conjures up memories of some other classic Clinton pictures:

Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton

Oh, Bubba. Don’t ever change …

Comment: If you were Hillary, would you put Bill within 100 miles of a porn convention? Share your thoughts below.