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Report: Bill Clinton Concocted Conspiracy To Justify Hillary’s 2016 Loss

A new book by Amy Chozick, an award-winning journalist with the New York Times who covered Hillary Clinton for over a decade, sheds light on a new conspiracy theory as to why President Trump defeated her in the 2016 election.

And despite the dozens and dozens of excuses she’s already put forth, this one didn’t come from the former First Lady herself – it came from her husband.

Bill Clinton, according to the book Chasing Hillary, came up with a conspiracy theory for the ages: that the New York Times had colluded with Trump to steal the election from his wife.

The former President, according to Chozick, began spreading rumors that the Times, in exchange for clicks, website traffic, and presumably subsequent rising stock prices, would bury Hillary for her illegal email server.

“After the election, Bill would spread a more absurd Times conspiracy,” Chozick wrote. “The publisher had struck a deal with Trump that we’d destroy Hillary on her emails to help him get elected, if he kept driving traffic and boosting the company’s stock price.”

Holy. Hell.

Hillary, of course, has previously blamed the New York Times for her loss, but not to the extent of saying they colluded with the Trump campaign, a ridiculous assertion by anybody’s measure.

The Times, Clinton said of her email scandal, “covered it like it was Pearl Harbor.”

In reality, the paper of record was caught up in the Wikileaks email dumps and exposed for colluding with the Clinton campaign instead.

In fact, a recent report by the Washington Examiner demonstrates that the New York Times went well out of their way to alter their reporting to the Clinton campaign’s liking.

“They insisted, rather forcefully, that the Times was dead wrong to report that Clinton ‘was the target of a criminal referral to federal law enforcement,'” Becket Adams wrote.

“The Times caved. It amended the headline to the slightly-less-alarming, ‘Inquiry Sought in Hillary Clinton’s Use of Email,'” he reported. “Its public editor at the time, Margaret Sullivan, issued an exceptionally apologetic mea culpas, claiming the initial report was ‘fraught with inaccuracies.'”

Even former FBI Director James Comey stated in his new book that the Times’ original reporting was correct.

“Though The Times may have thought those clarifications were necessary, their original story was much closer to the mark,” he wrote.

If the New York Times colluded with anybody, it was the Clinton campaign.

Do you think Bill Clinton’s conspiracy theory is plausible, or is he trying to find another excuse as to why his wife lost the election? Share your thoughts below!