In a story ironically and amusingly in the “entertainment” section of Yahoo, MSNBC officially announced that former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki will be joining the network.

Psaki will host her own show and make appearances on other network shows.

Psaki’s own show will begin sometime in the first quarter of 2023. The network issued a statement that read in part that Psaki will “bring together her unique perspective from behind the podium and her deep experience in the highest levels of government and presidential politics.”

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Fitting Right In

Psaki will also appear on special prime time programming during the November midterm elections.

Psaki tweeted about her excitement to be joining the network. She stated, “Breaking down the facts and getting to the bottom of what’s driving the issues that matter most to people in this country has never been more important.”


MSNBC President Rashida Jones also expressed being thrilled with Psaki joining MSNBC, saying,

“Her extensive experience in government and on the campaign trail and perspective as a White House and Washington insider is the type of analysis that sets MSNBC apart. She’s a familiar face and trusted authority to MSNBC viewers, and we look forward to her insight during this consequential election season.”

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Psaki’s Vast Experience

Jen Psaki is no stranger to Democrat and/or liberal politics. Prior to serving as White House Press Secretary during the first part of Joe Biden’s presidency, Psaki served as communications director in the Obama administration, and also as a spokeswoman for the State Department.

Psaki will also become the next in line to make the jump from employment in the White House to employment in the media.

George Stephanopoulos of ABC News served as Bill Clinton’s communications director. MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace was a spokeswoman for the George W. Bush administration, and later a spokeswoman for John McCain’s presidential campaign.

Fox News channel hosts Dana Perino and Kayleigh McEnany both held the job of White house Press Secretary under George W. Bush and Donald Trump respectively.

While the move from government to media happens on both sides, Democrats seem to keep government and media all in the family, and it seemed to happen most frequently during the Obama administration.

Shailagh Murray went from the Washington Post to the Vice President’s office while married to the Wall Street Journal’s Neil King. Washington Post Editorial Board head Ruth Marcus married to Obama’s former Federal Trade Commission Chairman. And so on.

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The End Of Must See TV

As Jen Psaki moves on to her new adventures at MSNBC, it is a bit sad to know that there will be no more episodes of the Jen Psaki-Peter Doocy Show. The tiny bottle of Pepto-Bismol in the bottom drawer of Jen’s desk most certainly had Doocy’s name on it.

But because the Internet is forever, we can always look back on some of Jen’s and Peter’s greatest hits.

Here, Jen explains to Peter that no, the left does not care that the neighbors of Supreme Court Justices having to put up with their absurdities all in the name of “peaceful protesting.”

The Hill also rounded up some of Jen’s and Peter’s most lively discussions:

But it was on her last day that Jen may have been more honest than ever with Peter:

In addition to Psaki and yet another example of Democrat politics and media being intertwined, former chief spokeswoman for Vice President Kamala Harris Symone Sanders has also joined MSNBC. 

The report from Yahoo states that, “NBC News has taken pains to draw distinctions between its journalists and MSNBC, which has beefed up its opinion programming.”

No kidding, they really said that.

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