On Tuesday, singer Bette Midler joined in on the Hollywood anti-Trump hatefest by suggesting that the president’s supporters were illiterate.

 “There’s a theory that Trump doesn’t want his taxes released because if his base reads that he’s not as rich as he says, they might lose confidence in him. His base can read?”

How original.

Do entertainers like Midler and Barbara Streisand and other liberals think that the only people who buy tickets to see them perform are strictly Hillary Clinton voters? Does it cross their minds that they might be insulting so many of the same people who have allowed them to achieve fame and fortune simply because they might have a different political opinion?

This is not the first time Midler has gone nuts on social media over Trump. In July 2017 she tweeted, “Trump is so close to getting us into World War 3. I will be SO PISSED if I live this long only to wind up NOT dying of natural causes!”

Two months before that, obviously fully invested in the Democrats’ Russian conspiracy theory, Midler tweeted, “2 Russians and their STOOGE! Why are these 3 little pigs laughing? The big bad SPECIAL PROSECUTOR IS COMING!!

In the end, Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller was neither big nor bad. When he turned in his report in March, he said there would be no arrests and no indictments. There was no evidence of collusion with Russia – which was the entire reason for the investigation – despite Democrats promises that wrongdoing would be found.

Almost every liberal bought into this farce for almost two years, and you can put Midler at the top of that heap.

Shouldn’t the Left be embarrassed? Shouldn’t conservatives be the ones scorning them and mocking their intelligence?

Being a liberal means never having to say you’re sorry, even when you’re wrong. Bette Midler and every other liberal owes the president an apology for telling so many lies about Russia for so long, but don’t expect it.

Their sense of moral superiority would never allow it.

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