Democratic senator and self-described socialist Bernie Sanders said Wednesday that, regarding the current bipartisan coronavirus relief proposal, ‘we’ve got to go a lot further than what that proposal now entails.”

Sanders said on CNN’s “AC 360” that the current plan – a $900 billion package – was merely a “start.”

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Sanders On McConnell And Stimulus: ‘Literally Laughable’

Sanders called Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s proposal a joke.

“He doesn’t have a nickel for unemployment supplements,” Sanders complained. “We provided, in the past, at least $600 a week. He doesn’t have a penny.”

“All over this country, people are worried about being evicted,” Sanders continued. “There is no $1,200 check for those people. So, I think his proposal is literally laughable.”

Sanders went on, “I think the other proposal brought forth may be a start for discussions. But we’ve got to go a lot further than what that proposal now entails.”

“For example, that proposal does not have the $1,200,” Sanders added. “I would do $2,000 a month of stimulus check, but it’s a start. But we’ve got to build on that.”

Almost $1 Trillion Not Nearly Enough For Sanders

While the current bipartisan efforts seem like a joke to Sanders, that blueprint looks to be close to another trillion in spending the U.S. government simply does not have.

The New York Times reported late Wednesday, “The top Democrats in Congress on Wednesday endorsed a $908 billion compromise stimulus plan proposed by a bipartisan group of moderate senators, calling on Senator Mitch McConnell, Republican of Kentucky and the majority leader, to revive negotiations using the framework as the baseline.”

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The Times also noted, “The move was a significant concession by Democratic leaders who have pressed for a federal aid package of more than twice the size…”

No doubt Sanders would be happier with two or three trillion. He would probably love to see five, ten, or twenty trillion.

Math-deficient Democrats do not pause to think about the future generations who are going to have to pay for all this, with Bernie Sanders at the top of that list.

And it’s the all-time catch-22, especially for working families and blue collar workers. 

In much of the country, they have been literally shut out of work by their government’s COVID rules, yet the new package doesn’t have any payments for individuals. 

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Some of the numbers are truly scary. 

In Boston, 44% (!) of small businesses have been shuttered.

In New York and New Jersey, that number is nearly 33%.

Americans – and America – are being put in an impossible situation.