Bernie Sanders ‘Medicare for All’ Plan Would End Union Workers’ Healthcare

During Wednesday’s Democratic presidential debate, frontrunner Bernie Sanders claimed his “Medicare for All” plan would not exactly take away American union workers’ of negotiated health contracts, vowing instead that it would only “only expand” their benefits.

Sorry, Bernie. The truth is Sanders’ Medicare for all would likely end private health insurance all around, including that of union workers in the U.S. who might be happy with their current plans.

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Sanders Makes Questionable Promises to Workers Unions

“Let me be very clear for my friends in the Culinary Workers Union, a great union,” Sanders said Wednesday, responding to a question about whether Medicare for all would end union workers’ health plans. “I will never sign a bill that will reduce the healthcare benefits they have.”

“We will only expand it for them, for every union in America, and for the working class of this country,” Sanders promised.

Here’s What Sanders Was Saying Six Months Ago

A half year ago, in August 2019, Sanders was singing a different tune.

Back then, the Vermont senator said his healthcare plan would “absolutely” erase American union workers’ negotiated health contracts.

“Wouldn’t the Medicare plan — wouldn’t that take away our right to bargain for our medical benefits?” Sanders was asked during a town hall in 2019.

“Yeah, absolutely it would!” Sanders strongly replied, without any hesitation. “It’s not a bad thing.”

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Do You Believe Bernie?

Bernie’s answer sort of encompasses the usual trajectory of socialism and even big government programs like Obamacare. Everything is promised and it sounds great, but once the laws are implemented the people become miserable.

Remember when President Obama promised Americans that if they liked their healthcare they could keep it? And that turned out not to be true.

Do you honestly believe Medicare for all wouldn’t wipe away everyone’s private insurance, including union workers? Especially when six months ago Sanders was straight forwardly saying precisely this?

If you’re going to trust anything Bernie says, trust the candidate from August who wasn’t leading the pack over the current version who is. There’s no telling what he might say from this point onward.

Maybe his next talking point will be, “If you like your health care, you can keep it.”

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