It is impossible to oversell this video. It is real and it is spectacular.

HBO has a documentary out titled “The Final Year,” which chronicles Barack Obama’s foreign-policy team during their last year in office.

A hidden gem within this documentary is a clip of Ben Rhodes, former deputy national security adviser for strategic communication to Obama, realizing that Hillary Clinton had lost the election and the entire administration’s legacy was about to go down the drain.

Rhodes, who was once an aspiring novelist, couldn’t muster a complete sentence in conveying his emotions as he realized the next President of the United States was named Donald Trump.

It’s enough that – if Rhodes wasn’t as slimy as it gets among former Obama Administration officials – you might actually feel some level of sympathy for him.

You can almost taste the tears. We’d provide a transcript but just imagine a full paragraph of ‘I,’ ‘uh,’ and a boatload of long, awkward pauses, and you get the gist.

Rhodes is perhaps best known for having sold America up a river in the Iran nuclear negotiations and bragging to the New York Times about his ability to lie to the American media regarding details of the deal. (RELATED: BREAKING: Fox News Just Caught Obama White House Doctoring Official Video).

That may very well have been the reason for his sadness. His carefully crafted web of lies and deceit in order to cement Obama’s legacy item was about to get dismantled. And he knew it.

Another clip shows him talking about the Iran deal, other signature items, and the odds they’ll survive the Trump administration.

“You’re thinking about things that we worked on – Cuba, Iran, climate – you know, what is going to happen to those things?” he said.

He added, “I think people assume well there’s some grownup somewhere right, who will make sure he doesn’t screw up too bad or something, but there’s not.”

What makes the entire Rhodes ordeal all the more special is that he spends a majority of the documentary vociferously predicting Hillary is going to win and that the team’s legacy will be cemented for all time.

Rhodes is asked earlier in the film whether a Trump victory might endanger his accomplishments, to which he replies, “I’ve never really considered that.”

Now he gets to spend the rest of his career considering it. Thanks, Trump!

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