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Ben Carson Says Hillary Will Be First Candidate To Do THIS

Ben Carson

When asked if he’d rather run against Joe Biden (prior to his announcement) or Hillary Clinton, Dr. Ben Carson revealed why the former Secretary of State might have difficulty even operating a campaign.

“Hillary could well be in jail,” he told Fox News Radio’s John Gibson.  “And it’s hard to run from there.”

Of course, should Hillary ever actually head off to jail she has the perfect line of orange pantsuits already lined up.

Ben Carson

A line inspired by the email challenged, American security negligent, cackling, yet enterprising woman-on-the-go.

But seriously folks.

Via Buzzfeed:

Dr. Ben Carson says he doesn’t believe former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee because she could soon be in prison.

Carson made the comments on Wednesday, discussing why he thought Vice President Joe Biden would be the Democratic nominee (the interview took place before Biden announced he would not run). Carson told Fox News radio host John Gibson, “Hillary can well be in jail, and it’s hard to run from there.”

Carson said Benghazi or her use of a private email server would sink her candidacy, whether she goes to jail or not.

Listen to Carson’s comments below (beginning at about 6:50) …

Carson also comments on Paul Ryan’s run for Speaker of the House, and defended George W. Bush over Trump’s recent comments that 9/11 happened under his watch.

It’s well worth listening to the entire interview.

Comment:  Is there any chance whatsoever that Hillary Clinton gets charged with a crime for her private emails or for what happened in Benghazi?  If not, should she be charged?



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