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“The 14th Amendment of our Constitution actualized what many of the Founders wanted, promoting equal protection under the law for all Americans,” Streisand said. “If I could, I would end the antiquated electoral college. Twice in the last 20 years the popular vote winner was denied the presidency. This is an assault on our democratic principles, where the dictum should hold true: one person, one vote.”

Liberals Have Been Wanting to Get Rid of the Electoral College for a Long Time

Streisand is by no means not the first progressive to bash the Electoral College.

It has become a got-to issue for many of Democratic presidential candidates, and not just this cycle. Democrats called for abolishing the college when Al Gore won the popular vote in 2000 but the White House went to George W. Bush. Obviously, the Left is still upset the same scenario played out for Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton in 2016 against Donald Trump.

Should the U.S. get rid of the Electoral College and just judge presidential elections by popular vote?

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2020 Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg, have called for the abolishment of the Electoral College.

Streisand Has Said This Before

This is not the first time Streisand has banged this drum either. She said last year that she was brought to tears when Clinton lost to Trump, and was angry that the election results didn’t change despite the fact that Clinton received 2.9 million more votes than her Republican opponent.

Streisand said the whole experience left her “numb”

“So, I was in tears,” 77-year-old Streisand said of the last presidential election.“We walked around of kind of numb. I’m still a little bit numb because I can’t believe it happened, since, you know, Hillary got 2.9 million more votes than Trump and she’s not the president, so I don’t know.”

“This antiquated Electoral College doesn’t sit well with me,” Streisand added. “It’s not fair. I think the people should vote for who the leader is of our country.”

Here’s how “fair” U.S. elections would be if we ditched the Electoral College, compliments of OANN’s Liz Wheeler.

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The Founding Fathers did not want elites in more populated metropolitan areas to have an advantage over America’s rural population. The Electoral College is the system they implemented to prevent this from happening.

Streisand and her liberals friends want to get rid of the current system precisely because they have no problem with coastal elites dictating to the rest of the country.

God help us if we ever abolish the Electoral College.

God help us if we ever started listening to Barbara Streisand!