Barack Obama Makes Call To ‘Reimagine’ Policing After Minnesota Police Shooting

obama reimagine policing

Former President Barack Obama weighed in on the fatal police shooting in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota on Sunday night, calling on America to “reimagine” policing.

Obama’s statement read in part,

“The fact that this could happen even as the city of Minneapolis is going through the trial of Derek Chauvin and reliving the heart-wrenching murder of George Floyd indicates not just how important it is to conduct a full and transparent investigation, but also just how badly we need to reimagine policing and public safety in this country.”

(The trial for Derek Chauvin, the officer involved in the death of George Floyd, is ongoing – he has not been convicted of murder.)

Daunte Wright, 20, was shot by a police officer Sunday night in the city of Brooklyn Center near Minneapolis.

Brooklyn Center Police Chief Tim Gannon characterized the shooting as “an accidental discharge.” Gannon said the officer intended to reach for her taser and grabbed her service weapon by mistake.

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Democrat Politicians Rush To Social Media

Obama’s statement continued:

“Michelle and I grieve alongside the Wright family for their loss. We empathize with the pain that Black mothers, fathers, and children are feeling after yet another senseless tragedy. And we will continue to work with all fair-minded Americans to confront historical inequities and bring about nationwide changes that are so long overdue.”

Liberal politicians besides Obama weighed in on the incident and took to social media to voice their opinions.

Members of the ‘Squad’ have made among the most radical comments, with Rep. Rashida Tlaib saying that it amounts to “government funded murder” and called to abolish policing.

‘Squad’ member Ayanna Pressley compared police to slave patrols.

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz (D) at a press conference on Monday called on the state legislature to produce police reform legislation. He stated, “We can either come together and fix this, or we can suffer together as fools.”

St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter said, “We have to ask ourselves why and how does this keep happening over and over and over again in America, in the world, in Minnesota?” He added, “If we’re going to do something – and I would say we have to do something – it’s committing ourselves to letting his name be the last one on our lists.”

President Joe Biden commented on Monday, “I think we’ve got to wait and see what the investigation shows. But in the meantime, I want to make it clear again: There is absolutely no justification, none, for looting. No justification for violence; peaceful protest is understandable.”

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Tlaib has gotten at least a few rebukes for her tweets.

Former congressional candidate Kimberly Klacik responded to Tlaib’s call for no more policing, “Another way to say I can afford to live in a completely safe neighborhood & I don’t care about those who cannot afford to move.”

Pollster Frank Luntz offered Tlaib a bit of veiled campaign advice.

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The Latest On The Shooting

The officer in the shooting has been identified as Kim Potter, who has now resigned. She was a 26-year veteran of the department. 

Brooklyn Center Mayor Mike Elliott stated that it was Potter’s decision alone to tender her resignation. Police Chief Tim Gannon has also resigned.

According to Chief Gannon, Daunte Wright was pulled over for expired license plates. Officers would soon discover he had a misdemeanor warrant.

The Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association released a statement from executive director Brian Peters asking the public not to jump to conclusions, and for protests to be peaceful.

“The tragic chain of events that resulted in the loss of life is weighing on all of us. Minnesota’s Bureau of Criminal Apprehension will gather the needed facts for the investigation, and no conclusions should be made until the investigation is complete.

“We’re disappointed in recent comments about this incident from political leaders that fuel anger and hostility towards all law enforcement. We echo the many calls for protests to remain peaceful”


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