Articles of Impeachment Have Already Been Filed Against DHS Secretary Mayorkas

Pat Fallon, a Texas Republican, has filed articles of impeachment against Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.
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Representative Pat Fallon, a Texas Republican, has filed articles of impeachment against Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

Fallon had promised to move on impeachment once the 118th Congress was sworn in.

“Secretary Mayorkas’s willful actions have eroded our immigration system, undermined border patrol morale, and jeopardized American national security,” he tweeted. “He has violated the law and it is time for him to go.”

The resolution accuses the DHS Secretary of having “engaged in a pattern of conduct that is incompatible with his duties.”

Keeping the homeland secure does seem to be one aspect in which the chief of Homeland Security has failed – and failed miserably.

In a statement to Fox News, Fallon cited Mayorkas’ lies to Congress that he had operational control of the border and his effort to smear Border Patrol agents with false allegations of ‘whipping’ illegal immigrants as reasons he has been derelict in his duties.

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Articles of Impeachment Filed Against Mayorkas

The articles of impeachment accuse Alejandro Mayorkas of “high crimes and misdemeanors” and have been officially filed and referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary.

New House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, during a visit to the border back in November, called for the DHS Secretary to resign or face an impeachment inquiry.

“If Secretary Mayorkas does not resign, House Republicans will investigate every order, every action and every failure and will determine whether we can begin impeachment inquiry,” he told reporters.

House Republicans have been warning for over a year that the border crisis was one aspect they would be investigating thoroughly when they take back control of the chamber.

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Mayorkas Unimpressed

Despite the threat of impeachment, Mayorkas isn’t expressing any real concern or urgency to change course at the border.

“I’ve got a lot of work to do, and we’re going to do it,” he said.

Why start now? It’s been two years and you haven’t done your job yet.

Mayorkas proceeded to blame Congress for the calamity at the southern border.

“We are dealing with a broken immigration system that Congress has failed to repair for decades,” he insisted in an interview with ABC News.

A recent MSNBC report documented numerous illegal aliens who said they “haven’t had any interaction with U.S. immigration authorities” and “they just walked right in.”

That seems less a product of a broken system and more the incompetence of the head of DHS.

Deportations in 2021 were the lowest on record. In 2022, ICE deported 61% fewer illegal aliens than in 2020, including 66% fewer criminals, even though border crossings increased by 419%.

On Tuesday, former President Donald Trump weighed in on the border crisis.

After suggesting nobody could talk about a border situation he “fixed” during his presidency, Trump declared it one of the biggest problems facing our nation today.

“It’s amazing what has happened in two years, because now the Border is probably our biggest bone of contention,” he said in a statement.

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