Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has claimed that the prevention of felons being able to vote is a “legacy” of slavery in America.

AOC Talks Nonsense About Felon Voting

Ocasio-Cortez believes that felon disenfranchisement, a system perpetuated by 48 states that prevents convicted felons from having the right to vote, is grossly unjust. On an Instagram livestream, the freshman congresswoman rattled off  a number of reasons why someone may not be eligible to vote in national elections in the United States.

“Maybe you’re not of voting age yet, maybe you aren’t a U.S. citizen,” Ocasio-Cortez posited. “Maybe you live in a state that upholds the structures, the inherited structures of slavery, and disenfranchises people who have been trapped in our system of mass incarceration either now or in the past.”

Democracy Is A Privilege, Not A Right!

Whilst this may sound like complete crazy talk to ordinary citizens, it is not only Ocasio-Cortez who is in favor of convicted, violent felons being given the chance to decide who runs this beautiful country. Only last year, both Senator Bernie Sanders and Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris said that they were open to allowing the Boston marathon bomber the chance to vote in prison!

This is, of course, a completely insane argument from the left. The left love to claim the idea of freedom and democracy, and therefore their mainstream politicians, not even just the radicals, will push for anyone at all to be able to get the vote, and the chance to decide this country’s future.

But they don’t understand that voting is a privilege, not a right. The right to vote is conducive on your actions within wider society. You should expect to sacrifice your right to govern the direction of society if you commit a serious enough crime. It’s a pretty simple concept. If this weren’t the case, the criminals could vote themselves lenient sentences!

This is another conflict you have to think about in November at the polls. Do you support Ocasio-Cortez and the right for felons to vote? Or do you support law and order, and the established republic of the USA?