Ann Coulter Blasts ‘The Most Embarrassing Lt. Gov In The Nation’

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Published July 26, 2022

Last Thursday, Republican candidate for governor of New York, Lee Zeldin was attacked by a knife-wielding lunatic at a campaign stop.

Earlier that day, Gov. Kathy Hochul put out a media release, encouraging her supporters to show up at Zeldin’s campaign events — providing dates and times — to hear “Zeldin’s plans to put more guns on our streets” and “discuss his enduring loyalty to Donald Trump.”

Hours later, this happened:

Lt. Gov. Antonio Delgado — who was appointed by Hochul after her first black lieutenant governor was indicted on federal bribery charges (Democratic governors are required by law to have black lieutenant governors) — responded to the knife attack by blaming Zeldin for the Jan 6 “insurrection.”

It must have been awful for Delgado, then a member of congress! Oh wait — he was at home in his apartment during the attack.

But what did Zeldin have to do with the Jan 6 riot? It seems that, before the attack, Zeldin voted against certifying the electors from Arizona.

What kind of monster would object to certifying a presidential election???

Delgado might want to check with his former colleague, Rep. Jamie Raskin, as well as a half-dozen other Democrats, who objected to certifying a presidential election way back in 2017.

Here’s Raskin making a spectacle of himself, objecting to the certification of Trump’s electors:

Why isn’t this video everywhere?

In all, 7 Democrats objected to the certification of Trump’s electors, interrupting Vice President Joe Biden 11 times — Reps. Jim McGovern, Jamie Raskin, Pramila Jayapal, Barbara Lee, Sheila Jackson Lee (three times!), Raul Grijalva and everybody’s favorite, Maxine Waters.

[Anyone see a pattern there? I sense that there is one, but I can’t put my finger on it.]

We’re not talking about something that happened in 1921. The Democrats objected to Trump’s electors in 2017.

Democrats took total control of New York state government in 2019 — the first time since 1964 — leading, predictably, to a massive crime wave. Lee Zeldin promises to end it.

The Democrats’ only counter-argument:


That’s bad enough. But for Delgado to denounce Zeldin for something his own Democratic colleagues did in profusion just four years earlier takes a special kind of stupid.

Antonio Delgado: The Most Embarrassing Lieutenant Governor in the Country.

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