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The Sun reported that Maxwell has been planning to do an interview and has been in talks with a major US network. She reportedly wants to defend herself as well as Prince Andrew, who had a disastrous public interview in mid-November.

After that interview, Prince Andrew was kicked out of Buckingham Palace and stripped of his royal duties.

‘Ghislaine is in hiding’

According to a source, Maxwell claim Andrew’s accuser, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, is lying about her relationship with Prince Andrew.

“Ghislaine is in hiding and knows the only way to stop being hunted is to speak on her own terms,” the source told The Sun. “She will do a sit-down interview with a big US network and defend the duke. Apparently, she’ll say Virginia Giuffre is lying and Andrew never had sex with her.”

Now that Epstein is dead, the FBI is continuing its investigation into alleged sex-trafficking and Maxwell now finds herself at the center of law enforcement efforts. Maxwell has not been seen in public since July, when Epstein was arrested.

Maxwell is now considered to be a key witness in the allegations by Giuffre against Prince Andrew, that the royal member had sex with the young girl and Maxwell had arranged that interaction.

The New York Post reported, “Giuffre recently tweeted for ‘all eyes’ to look out for the woman she says should be ‘rotting in jail for her atrocities against me & so many other little girls she dragged into Epstein’s orbit!’

Both the prince and Maxwell have denied any wrongdoing.

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During Prince Andrew’s interview with the BBC, he said his friendship with Epstein came out of a  “tendency to be too honorable.”

“There is … I mean I’ve gone through this in my mind so many times,” the prince said. “At the end of the day, with a benefit of all the hindsight that one could have, it was definitely the wrong thing to do. But at the time I felt it was the honorable and right thing to do and I admit fully that my judgement was probably colored by my tendency to be too honorable, but that’s just the way it is.”

Giuffre responded to Andrew’s denials by saying “He knows what happened.”