Al Sharpton’s Own Charity Paid Him Over $1 Million Last Year

Reverend Al Sharpton was paid over $1 million in 2018 by the National Action Network, a charity he founded, according to tax filings obtained by the New York Post.

A breakdown of the sizable payment by the Post indicates that the bulk of it, $563,352 worth, was labeled as “other compensation.”

The charity claims the extra money was paid in an effort to make up for Sharpton not getting full pay between 2004 and 2017.

The thirteen years of back pay, coupled with a salary of $324,000 – which represents a 32 percent spike – and a $159,596 bonus amounts to a grand total of $1,046,948.

A huge bonus that leftists typically despise, a massive base salary hike and thirteen years of additional backpay mean Sharpton is sitting pretty working for a charity he himself founded. Now, if he could only deal with thirteen years of back taxes.

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Funny Business

The National Action Network (NAN) went so far as to claim Sharpton was actually quite a generous individual. According to them, he was actually owed over $1 million in back pay alone but was kind enough to only accept roughly $500,000 less.

Quite the philanthropist.

“He has now been fully compensated for all the years he was underpaid and received no bonus,” a statement released by NAN reads.

Speculation that the greasy reverend uses his charity as a means to funnel money to his own wallet was raised in 2018 when he sold the rights to his life story … to that same charity.

“When I see this kind of thing, it just makes me roll my eyes because there’s so much potential for funny business,” Fordham University Law School professor Linda Sugin said at the time.

Ya think?

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Sharpton: Tax Cheat, Race Hustler

Aside from his charity con, the activist and MSNBC host has made a fairly lucrative career as a tax cheat and a race-baiter.

In 2014, Sharpton came under fire for having over $4.5 million in tax liens filed against him and his businesses. The New York Post reports that he still owes $698,470.99 in back taxes for three of his companies to the state of New York.

At a House Judiciary Committee hearing on law enforcement earlier this year, Rep. Matt Gaetz brought up the ‘reverend’s’ history of racism and anti-Semitism simply by quoting him.

Sharpton has a rich and storied history of such rhetoric. His entire career as a race-baiter began when he raised his profile by completely fabricating a race crime, backing Tawana Brawley in falsely accusing four white men, including a state trooper and Steven Pagones, an Assistant District Attorney in Dutchess County, New York, of rape.

What Else Has Sharpton Done?

Here’s a brief rundown of other things Sharpton has done to make race relations in America infinitely worse. Any one of these would have ended the career of most people. Not the reverend though:

  • Inciting a three-day riot in Crown Heights that resulted in the death of an innocent Hasidic Jewish student visiting from Australia.
  • Telling an audience member on the Morton Downey Jr. Show that “you a punk f*****.”
  • Started a protest at Freddie’s Fashion Mart that led one protester to attack the store, shoot several customers, and start a fire that killed seven employees.

This past summer, Sharpton tried to create a racial divide by stepping into the feud between President Trump and late congressman Elijah Cummings.

Trump responded by pointing out the obvious: Sharpton “hates whites [and] cops,” he wrote.

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