Early Wednesday, Democratic Rep. Al Green decided to force a vote to impeach President Donald Trump because he disagreed with Trump’s decision to formally recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

And, unsurprisingly, the vote was a spectacular failure. The House voted 364-58 against Green’s effort, with Democrats overwhelmingly siding with Republicans. Also unsurprisingly, the lone 58 who wanted to move forward with impeachment were all Democrats, including Rep. Maxine Waters, who has essentially been calling for Trump’s impeachment since the day he was elected.

During his presentation of his articles of impeachment against Trump, Green claimed that Trump “is unfit to be president and warrants impeachment, trial and removal from office.”

However much they may despise Trump, though, Nancy Pelosi and Minority Whip Steny Hoyer issued a joint statement against Green, saying, “Now is not the time to consider articles of impeachment.”

The White House also fired back against Green and his allies. “It’s disappointing that extremists in Congress still refuse to accept the President’s decisive victory in last year’s election,” spokesman Raj Shah said in a statement. “Their time would be better spent focusing on tax relief for American families and businesses, and working to fund our troops and veterans through the holiday season rather than threaten a government shutdown.”

Despite the vote’s failure, however, some liberals think it’s “significant” that 58 Democrats wanted to move forward with impeachment.

Democrats will tell themselves whatever they need to in order to feel better about losing the election. Meanwhile, President Trump will just keep on winning.

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