After Gal Gadot, Another ‘Miss Israel’ Stands Against Hamas Terrorists

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Last week, we reported that the Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot, a former Miss Israel, was speaking out to defend her country after the Hamas terrorist attacks. Now, another former Miss Israel is calling out Black Lives Matter for the way the radically liberal group responded to these attacks.

Former Miss Israel Rips BLM

Yityish “Titi” Aynaw, who became the first Ethiopian woman to ever be crowned Miss Israel back in 2013, took to Instagram over the weekend to slam Black Lives Matter (BLM) for the way that the group responded to the Hamas terrorist attacks on Israel.

“I am so shocked by the response of Black Lives Matter regarding the terror attacks here in Israel,” said Aynaw, 32.

“I remember you screaming in the streets, ‘I can’t breathe,'” she added, directly addressing BLM. “I want to inform you right now… [it’s Israelis] who cannot breathe.”

“So I want to inform you that right now there are Israeli hostages in Gaza,” Aynaw continued. “Babies, children, mothers, women. Entire families who cannot breathe. They were kidnapped, raped, by the terror organization Hamas. Do you think killing is enough for them? They attacked people at a party near to the Gaza strip.”

Fox News reported that this was a reference to Hamas terrorists attacking the Nova music festival in Israel earlier this month, killing many while also taking hostages.

“Hamas is ISIS,” Aynaw concluded. “Pray for us. Pray for Israel because we can’t breathe.”

Check out Aynaw’s full comments on this in the video below.

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Aynaw Doubles Down

Aynaw doubled down on this on Monday in an interview from her home in Ramat HaSharon near Tel Aviv.

“These groups – BLM – need to learn their facts,” she told The New York Post. “People need to learn who they’re really supporting, what they do to their own people, let alone Jews. They don’t care about saving lives. There are no human rights [with Hamas]. They kill their own — they also kill Muslims, Bedouins who serve in the army.”

“The situation here in Israel is so bad. We really haven’t experienced something like this since the Holocaust,” she continued. “We have a hole in our heart, in every Israeli heart. During the day, I find myself trying to breathe, sounding like an old woman trying to catch my breath.”

Though Aynaw was not born in Israel, she sees the nation as her adopted home, describing it as a “diverse, multicultural and unique” country that “really accepts everybody.”

This came after the Chicago Black Lives Matter posted a meme that appeared to celebrate the Hamas attacks on Israel.

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BLM Should Educate Themselves

Aynaw is calling on Black Lives Matter to educate themselves on the fact that there are black Jewish people in Israel .

“They don’t have any idea that there’s black Jewish people here — a huge community of Ethiopians living here equally,” she said. “A lot of officers and soldiers are black and fighting for their country, Israel. People need to know there were black Jewish people who were killed. All these people supporting them — the LGBT community — I want them to go to Gaza and see how Hamas will behave to them.”

Aynaw concluded by admitting that as a mother of an 11 month-old son, she is terrified for his future.

“I just said, ‘What kind of world do I bring my son into? A world that will hate him because he’s black or Jewish?’” she said. “I start to feel guilty. But then I remember that light is stronger than the darkness.”

We applaud Aynaw for having the courage to speak out against Black Lives Matter, which has shown its true colors with the way it has responded to the Hamas attacks on Israel. It’s time for more celebrities to publicly turn their backs on Black Lives Matter, an organization that has been both ignorant and corrupt from the very beginning!

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