Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff appeared on a news station he once described as “the Kremlin’s propaganda outfit” to discuss efforts to make the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court more transparent.

Remarkable on two fronts: One, that he wanted to make the FISA court more transparent but spent the last two weeks claiming revelations in a controversial FISA memo would lead to Armageddon, and two, that he made these comments on a network that does ‘Putin’s work.’

“We need to find other mechanisms to raise these issues,” Schiff said in discussions of classified materials being stolen by the likes of Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning. “I think bringing more transparency to the FISA court will allow us to do that.”

“We have to condemn these leaks, take them very seriously, and find a better way to raise these substantive issues,” Schiff said.

That’s funny since Schiff is widely known as a source of leaks from the House Intelligence Committee, in which he serves as top Democrat.

Schiff made his FISA court transparency comments on RT, which, in a congressional hearing in March, he described as a “slick propaganda” outfit and the “Kremlin’s media arm.”

Fox News host Tucker Carlson notes the hypocrisy of a Democrat Russia conspiracy theorist like Schiff appearing on a network required by the U.S. to register as a foreign agent due to the likelihood that it is “engaging in anti-U.S. messaging likely aimed at undermining U.S. trust in government procedures.”

“Who would go on a channel like that?” Carlson rhetorically asked. “None other than one Adam Bennett Schiff of Burbank, California.”

Carlson ripped Schiff for “voluntarily appearing on a foreign propaganda outfit in order to undermine confidence in America’s core institutions, as they might put it, doing the bidding of a hostile foreign power.”

“Tokyo Rose went to prison for that.”

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