191 Year-Old Philly Newspaper Publishes Article Titled “Is It Wrong To Compare Trump To Hitler? No”

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The Philadelphia Inquirer’s David Lee Preston recently wrote an opinion column in which he defended comparing Nazi Germany dictator Adolf Hitler to the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump.

The title? “Is it wrong to compare Trump to Hitler? No.”

The Inquirer was founded in 1829 and is considered the newspaper of record in the Delaware Valley.

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Author – Laughably – Tries To Compare Trump To Hitler

Is it wrong to take this column seriously? Yes.

But for argument’s sake, Preston writes, “Many people find it offensive to use the Holocaust as a yardstick for the political excesses of the last four years that culminated in the storming of Washington on Jan. 6.”

“They believe that to mention Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler in the same breath, as Spike Lee did on Sunday in an awards speech, disrespects the millions of innocent victims and survivors, diminishing the enormity of the Nazis’ crimes,” Preston added.

To be clear, as everyone in the world knows, Hitler systematically exterminated six million Jews, and launched a war that killed tens of millions of people. 

Preston lists other examples he believes justifies the comparison.

Then he tried this comparison, “Are my fellow Americans who breached the barricades and broke into the halls of Congress different from the Germans who thought they were doing their patriotic duty by burning synagogues and shattering Jewish-owned shops in 1938?”

Preston continued, “By defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord,’ Hitler wrote in 1925 in Mein Kampf, adding that ‘in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility.”


‘Is It Sacrilegious To Suggest A Link Between Hitler And Trump?… I Don’t Think So’

Preston goes on and on and on painting Trump as being in the same shameful space as Hitler.

He finally finished with, “It is sacrilegious to suggest a link between Hitler and Trump?”

“I don’t think so. I’d say it keeps us vigilant for the warning signs.”

Much like Democrats who are trying to compare the criminals who ransacked the Capitol to organized terrorism – and worse, comparing any Trump supporter to terrorists – Preston is way off the mark.

Which might be the understatement of this young century. 

Literally Nothing Compares To The Absolute Horror Of Hitler And The Holocaust

There are few, if any, human atrocities more ghastly in the history of earth than what Hitler and his German army did to the Jews of Europe in their time.

Systematic mass genocide at a rate so gargantuan and grotesque that the tragedy stands as the forever example of what we should never forget, so that it never happens again.

Whether you agree or disagree with Trump, his politics, his actions as president, his tone or manner, nothing he has ever done remotely compares to human beings trying to exterminate another entire group of human beings so methodically and heartlessly.

And if we’re objectively looking at the record, we’re talking about a President who went to battle with his own government while trying to end wars – and who successfully achieved four Middle East peace deals. 

Peace deals between Arab states and Israel, the Jewish state. 

Quite, very un-Hitler like, no?

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It is also beyond absurd to imply that Americans who voted for Trump are comparable to the rise of Hitler.

Ironically, what these comparisons attempt to do is to dehumanize vast swaths of the American population. 

If Trump supporters are comparable to actual Nazis, then anything is theoretically justified in order to silence, ostracize, defame, and marginalize them. 

That’s over 70 million people. 

Criticize Trump’s actions. Denounce his politics. His words. His way of expressing things. His tone, his anything.

But out of respect for the millions lost, including your own family, stop trying to use one of the worst tragedies in history as a political tool in the here and now.

As divided as Americans are, we simply must be able to agree that mean tweets are not the same thing as systematically exterminating millions of human beings. 

If not, this country is in big trouble.

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