On Monday, a tractor trailer with over 60 illegal immigrants inside suffering from extreme heat exhaustion or already dead was found abandoned on a San Antonio side road. 

Now, the Washington Examiner reports that a law enforcement source told them that the same truck cleared a Border Patrol Security checkpoint.

One big question that remains is whether or not the illegal immigrants were already inside the truck at the time it crossed the border, or if they boarded the truck after already being in the country.

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Border Patrol Stretched Thin

The truck itself reportedly passed through one of the largest and busiest checkpoints, the northbound I-35 checkpoint near Laredo, Texas. It is also the most prominent area used by human traffickers that use things like stash houses and 18-wheelers. One Border Patrol official said on Tuesday, “I wouldn’t blame the agents. I think it’s just so many people coming through that people are going to get through.”

Not all tractor trailers are internally inspected when they are stopped at checkpoints because of time and traffic constraints. A federal agent explained a harsh reality in an interview with the Washington Examiner, saying:

“Literally millions and millions of these trucks go through the checkpoints each year. The only way that you could really check effectively is you would have to open up every truck. And the cartels know this. That’s why they still push so much narcotics through the ports of entry — they know it is too much for us to deal with. You’re not going to bust open every truck.”

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Horrific Scene

The tractor trailer was found early Monday evening after a cry for help was heard coming from inside the truck. Approximately 51 people had died from heat exhaustion and heat stroke. 

First responders described the people inside the truck as “hot to the touch,” and “too weak to move.” Around 16 people were taken to area hospitals where four more of the migrants later died.

As of Tuesday, San Antonio police had three people in custody in connection with the incident. The scene was so horrific that many first responders are receiving counseling as a result of what they witnessed. It has being called the largest mass casualty incident in San Antonio history.

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Biden Adm. Continues Bad Immigration Policy

President Joe Biden and his administration continue to defend their bad, out of touch immigration and border policies. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre made a statement following the tragedy saying,

“The fact of the matter is the border is closed, which is in part why you see people trying to make this dangerous journey using smuggling networks.”

And in a move that may spell even more chaos at the southern border, on Thursday, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that the Biden administration can remove the “remain in Mexico” policy put in place by the Trump administration.

The policy was put in place by the Trump administration in order to keep immigrants from being released into the country prior to their immigration hearing. 

At the heart of the case is whether or not the Department of Homeland Security’s suspension and ultimate termination of the policy violated a federal law that states that immigrants must be detained, or if arriving from a contiguous country, must be sent back.

Just in time for more caravans of illegal immigrants to arrive this summer.

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