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  1. Trump is a bumbling idiot. Nobody believes a word that comes out of his mouth…or butt.

  2. P.S. says:

    There are many, many of us here on Guam that fully support and stand behind President Trump and his aggressive response and stance to North Korea.

    No more of the foolish and soft idle threats and deals of Clinton, Obama, McCain and all the other wimps of the past against North Korea and Iran that only worked to temporarily pacify these rogue leaders, but really served to “kick the can” down the road and gave them time to obtain nuclear capabilities thanks again to Clinton and Obama.

    Unfortunately, we have many snowflakes here as well, what we might call burnt ashes (no snow here here on Guam). They are so easily charmed and swayed by snake handlers, the likes of the scamming Clintons, the ass kissing Obama, and all the other liberals and least I forget many self serving republicans that stand against the very fabric of American values.

    We are confident President Trump will protect us , or avenge us with all the God given power of the United States of America.

    He is OUR President and we are far better off with Trump than with the bow to all Obama who was the footstool of all the rivals of the USA.

    Best of all is that HE IS the President of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and JESUS CHRIST RULES AS THE KING of ALL THE WORLD!

    Until our Christian God returns, Make America Great AGAIN!

  3. Bill says:

    There has never been a good war or a bad peace. A wise man gave sage advise for every President:
    “Walk softly and carry a big stick” a hydrogen bomb or two should do.

  4. noncommit says:

    Well Jesse, might be a good idea, and America can do it and we’re rid of that nut, he’s ha little tard with a big stick

  5. kc_jerry says:

    This is why I like the way TRUMP does BNESS! Hold fire and try reason, if that fails, DROP the HAMMER! Says what he means, means what he says and kick a$$ if necessary! Make AMERICA AGAIN!! TRUMP is MY PRESIDENT! GO TRUMP! GO AMERICA! By-By Cupcakes!

  6. Jesse says:


    1. Roy says:

      Red China is his only reason for being still alive!

    2. You mean Trump? I agree! LOL Trump is getting fatter by the day.

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