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Report: President Trump’s Regulation Changes Have Already Saved More than $2.83 Billion

Since the beginning of President Donald J. Trump’s efforts to modernize and reduce the federal government’s regulations, the American Action Forum (AAF) has been keeping a detailed progress report. And the results after only 3 weeks of Trump’s presidency are extraordinary!

The adjustments have saved more than $2.83 billion, on top of saving 41 million man-hours of paperwork.

As AAF notes, these numbers were collected just after Trump’s Executive Order that established the budget for regulatory issues and the first repeal of a rule via the Congressional Review Act.

These numbers are just from 2017 alone. WOW!:

While the media is obsessed with Russia conspiracy theories, Twitter, and other frivolous issues, Trump is busy behind the scenes making America great again.

The era of Obama is over.

What do you think about these massive, multi-billion dollar savings for American workers? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us.