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The Left Announces a ‘Day Without Immigrants’ to Slam Trump

Yesterday across America, radical leftists and illegal immigrants wanted to teach President Donald J. Trump a lesson by not showing up for work. They were also opposed to the “extreme vetting” of refugees and immigrants from 7 Muslim countries with links to terrorism.

If you saw any local store or company taking part in it, it’s a good reminder of just who supports violating America’s immigration laws.

But it just backfired in a big way! While some business owners went along with the protests, others were not exactly happy about their employees not showing up for work due to political reasons.

Here is one image of an employer giving immigrants the bad news at work. This is fantastic!

Well done! Sadly, too many people taking part in this protest are purposefully blurring the line between “legal” immigrant and “illegal” immigrant. That’s because they know that President Trump is simply talking about law-breakers and national security. Nothing about Trump’s executive orders or his proposed security along the Mexican border is about discouraging legal immigrants. But the left has never let the facts get in they way of a good protest.

Also, in some states like New Mexico and Florida, students were encouraged to skip school:

In New Mexico, the state with the largest percentage of Hispanic residents in the nation, school officials worried hundreds of students would stay home Thursday.

“We respectfully ask all parents to acknowledge that students need to be in class every day to benefit from the education they are guaranteed and to avoid falling behind in school and life,” principals with the Albuquerque Public Schools wrote in a letter to parents. Students who take part in the protest will receive an unexcused absence, Albuquerque school officials said.

But as one student noted, all the protest accomplished was costing his school money:

Twitter immediately reacted:



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