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Report: Fox News’ Heather Nauert Being Considered for State Department Job

Ever since Donald J. Trump was officially sworn in as America’s 45th president, Democrats in Congress have been using every tool imaginable to slow down his administration.

As such, many of President Trump’s cabinet nominees and top-level positions have yet to be filled, leaving him without a full team of officials in place to help carry out his policy agenda.

But now he may have gotten some good news – Fox News anchor Heather Nauert is in talks to leave the cable news channel and become the State Department’s spokesperson, serving under Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

From Politico:

Nothing is final, as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has yet to sign off on the appointment, one of the sources said.

Nauert was spotted at the White House last week, according to Axios, for an appointment to speak with President Donald Trump about a communications position.

Nauert, who has been with Fox since 1996 with a two-year break at ABC News, is currently a news anchor for the network’s morning show “Fox & Friends.” According to her Fox News biography, she graduated from Mt. Vernon College with an undergraduate degree in communications and received her master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University.

As The Political Insider has extensively reported, numerous Fox News anchors and contributors have been considered for White House roles since Donald Trump was elected president.

In December, Trump tapped Fox News contributor Monica Crowley, who was being considered for the role of White House Press Secretary, to serve as a Deputy National Security Advisor, although she had to resign her position after allegations of plagiarism arose.

Fox News’ Kimberly Guilfoyle, who co-hosts the popular show The Five was also in the running to serve as White House Press Secretary, although that job eventually went to the RNC’s Sean Spicer.

In addition, reports last year hinted that former Fox News chief Roger Ailes, who has close ties to President Trump, was being considered for a State Department job, specifically Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy. As of this writing, Ailes has yet to join the White House in an official capacity.

Heather Nauert joining the Trump administration would not be a shock, given that the president has spoken very highly of Fox News’ fair coverage of him and his candidacy. Just the other day, the president praised the cable news network:

What are your thoughts on Fox News’ Heather Nauert potentially joining the Trump administration? Would it be a good fit for her? Share your thoughts below!