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dana milbank trump doctor

Liberal sycophants in the media are so desperate to tar and feather President Trump that they’re now pretending they’re medical doctors, complete with quack degrees and phone expertise. Earlier this […]

cfpb budget

Acting Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) chief, Mick Mulvaney, just made a request virtually unheard of in Washington, D.C. – he asked for no money from the Federal Reserve. That’s […]

newsweek police

The liberal publication Newsweek just experienced a very unpleasant visit from police this morning at the company headquarters in midtown Manhattan. More than a dozen police officers showed up at […]

Liberals are going to get quite a laugh out of this. Former Trump White House staffer Sebastian Gorka apparently has a warrant out for his arrest. But the warrant isn’t […]

trump dossier peter king

Do you smell that? It’s sweat, specifically the nervous sweat of Democrats who fear something big is about to break. For over a year, the media has been fanatically obsessed […]

sean hannity cnn shithole

Perhaps it’s their penchant for reporting fake news on a near-daily basis. Perhaps it’s because they enjoy saying the word over and over again. Or perhaps it’s just plain accurate. […]

nancy worley

Here’s a little story from earlier this month that the mainstream media completely skipped over: Nancy Worley, former secretary of state and the current chairwoman of the Alabama Democratic Party, […]

lindsey graham daca

According to White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, the immigration reform bill that senators Dick Durbin and Lindsey Graham approached President Trump with wasn’t reviewed by House Republicans nor […]

tucker carlson George Cardenas

Fox News host Tucker Carlson, as is customary during his show, led a liberal politician to slaughter, inviting him as a guest to discuss his pro-illegal immigration stance, then ripping […]

burkman seth rich

It’s been a while since we last heard of Seth Rich, the murdered Democratic National Committee staffer who is rumored to have supplied pilfered emails from his organization to Wikileaks. […]

bob dole national anthem

World War II veteran Bob Dole received a Congressional Gold Medal at the U.S. Capitol earlier this week, the highest civilian honor one can attain. Dole, a senator and former […]

kelly trump wall

Will White House Chief of Staff John Kelly go the way of Steve Bannon? Many in Washington’s gossipy circles are speculating as much this morning, as it was just revealed […]