‘Zero’: Trump Fires Back When CNN’s Jim Acosta Asks How Much Responsibility He Bears For Impeachment

President Trump quickly responded that he bears absolutely no burden for impeachment when CNN’s Jim Acosta inquired on Tuesday.

If anybody is responsible for the impeachment sham, it’s a 50/50 split between unhinged Democrats seeking to overturn the election and media hacks like Acosta trying to do the same.

That didn’t stop the self-appointed ‘truth-teller’ in the era of Trump from asking the President a question insinuating he is to blame.

“Mr. President,” Acosta asked, “Do you take any responsibility for the fact that you are about to be impeached?”

“No, I don’t take any — zero, to put it mildly,” he shot back.

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Acosta Should Ask Himself the Same Question

As stated, the media is significantly responsible for pushing the impeachment sham from day one. They pushed Russian collusion, emoluments clauses, 25th Amendment, quid pro quo, and on an on.

And they certainly helped drive the narrative on the Ukraine hoax.

We documented example after example of reporters in the mainstream media taking two sentences separated by over 500 words in the actual phone call between he and the Ukrainian President, and combining them to create a completely different message.

Don’t believe us? Take a look …

Acosta and his cohorts in the corrupt media joined forces to doctor the contents of the Trump-Ukraine transcript to create a narrative that simply never existed.

Here’s a video of him stating the narrative exactly as the blacked-out tweet above demonstrates.

Who exactly is responsible, Jim?

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Trump Livid

President Trump proceeded to explain to Acosta in simple terms why he is not responsible for the current impeachment clown show.

“They took a perfect phone call that I had with the president of Ukraine, an absolutely perfect call — you know it, they all know it — nothing was said wrong in that call — to impeach the president of the United States for that, is a disgrace and it’s a mark on our country,” the President accurately stated.

Trump then went on to explain – much like the Harry Reid nuclear option – Democrats are going to rue the day they lowered the bar on impeachment.

“I will tell you why, other presidents in the future, unless they do something about this, other presidents are going to have to live with this,” he said.

“And every time they do something that’s a little bit unpopular or a little bit strong, even if they are 100 percent right,” impeachment will be on the table.

That’s the reality of the situation. Democrats, just like Acosta, will have to live with that down the line.

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