Zeldin Talks Jailing Criminals in NY, Hochul Says She Doesn’t ‘Know Why That’s So Important to You’

New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin focused heavily on his promise to fight crime in the Empire State during last night's debate with Governor Kathy Hochul.
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New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin focused heavily on his promise to fight crime in the Empire State during last night’s debate with Kathy Hochul.

The governor’s response to that line of attack was baffling and perfectly encapsulates the Democrat Party’s views on public safety, as she indicated she doesn’t know why it’s “so important” to lock up criminals.

“My opponent thinks that right now there’s a polio emergency going on but there’s not a crime emergency — different priorities than I’m hearing from people right now,” Zeldin quipped.

The Republican congressman has vowed to end no-cash bail in New York, a reform that allows those arrested for crimes to essentially walk free, and to declare crime an emergency.

The people are “not being represented from this governor — who still, to this moment … hasn’t talked about locking up anyone committing any crimes,” he continued during the debate.

“Anyone who commits a crime, under our laws, especially with the changes we made to bail, has consequences,” Hochul fired back. “I don’t know why that’s so important to you.”

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Hochul Confused as to Why Locking Up Criminals is Important

Do you know who might be best equipped to explain to Kathy Hochul why locking up criminals is important? The family of Keaira Bennefield.

Bennefield, a Buffalo-area resident, was allegedly killed by her husband one day after he was released from jail for assaulting her by repeatedly punching her in the head.

Cheektowaga Police Chief Brian Gould indicated in a Fox 29 Buffalo report that the tragedy could have been prevented with the help of “state laws that enforce bail for perpetrators deemed a danger to the community.”

“New York,” they explained, “is the last state that does not.”

Zeldin, meanwhile, has had his own experience with New York’s failed no-cash bail laws.

Over the summer, a 43-year-old man was charged with attempted assault after he jumped on stage with Zeldin and allegedly tried to stab him as he was discussing bail reform.

The GOP gubernatorial candidate predicted, “This suspect will likely be right back out on the street immediately.”

The assailant was later hit with federal felony charges and re-jailed. He is set to be released sometime this week and will enter a treatment program for alcohol abuse.

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Hochul Says She’s Strengthened Bail Laws

Hochul later alleged Zeldin is simply trying to keep New Yorkers “scared” about crime and said the solution lies in stricter gun laws.

“There is no crime-fighting plan if it doesn’t include guns — illegal guns,” she said.

Zeldin fired back stating it isn’t just crimes involving guns that have New Yorkers on edge every day.

“Unfortunately, Kathy Hochul believes that the only crimes that are being committed are these crimes with guns. And you have people who are afraid of being pushed in front of oncoming subway cars,” he replied.

“They’re being stabbed, beaten to death on the street with hammers.”

In a statement following the debate, Zeldin accused Hochul of refusing “to accept the fact that everyday law-abiding New Yorkers are falling victim to her radical pro-criminal policies.”

Real Clear Politics has recently changed its ranking of the gubernatorial race in New York from “leans Democrat” to “toss-up” after polls showed Hochul’s lead over Zeldin shrinking.

The group’s average has her ahead by just 6.1 points, whereas she led by as many as 19 points in early August.

Can Zeldin pull off the upset in less than two weeks and ‘save’ New York?

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