Liberals Hold ‘Hunger Strike’ at Yale, Republicans Respond by Hosting Cookout

A group of grad students at Yale University held a “hunger strike” to demand union representation and better benefits.

The words ‘hunger strike’ have to be placed in quotes because, unlike Mahatma Gandhi who frequently took such civil disobedience tactics, the students were only striking in a ‘symbolic’ manner.

One student posted a copy of the pamphlet promoting the hunger strike. It says “When one of us cannot continue, come take our place.”

In other words, when you get too hungry, feel free to go eat. Not exactly the most noble of efforts.

Still, College Republicans on campus couldn’t help but troll the event. While snowflakes were engaged in a ‘hunger strike’ to demand more benefits, the young Republican group gathered right next to them and held a barbecue.

That’s right – a barbecue … LOL!


Troll Level: Grill Master.

Via The Daily Caller:

Members of the Yale College Republicans hosted a barbecue Friday right next to where members of the Local 33 graduate student union participated in a hunger strike, the New Haven Register reports.

The College Republicans served a meal of barbecued beef, baked beans and corn to those on the plaza, just a few feet from the tent Local 33 had erected to house hunger strikers protesting the school’s decision not to negotiate a contract.

According to Yale News, doctoral students currently earn a stipend $30,000 a year, receive free health care, and have their $40,000 tuition paid in full.

Think about that – they’re actually demanding more!

Among the points of contention for the protesters is that they feel the university is unwilling to negotiate their demand for better benefits until President Donald Trump appoints a new head of the National Labor Relations Board.

They believe the President’s selection would be more hostile to their demands.

Aaron Greenberg, Local 33 chairman and political science graduate student teacher, claims the administration is “deciding to side with Donald Trump over members of their own community.”

“I think that is unacceptable,” he railed. “I think that is despicable. They say we have to wait so we are waiting without eating.”

Well, until we get hungry anyway.

Meanwhile, College Republicans are going to enjoy some of their delicious barbecued meals.

Too funny!


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