With Election Around The Corner, Be Weary Of The Democrat’s Nagging Habit To Project To Distract

I first noticed that Democrats always accuse Republicans of doing what the Dems are actually doing during the Clinton years. This behavior comes straight out of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”: “Always accuse your opposition of that which you practice.”

Psychologists call it “projection.”

The answer is clear. Dems have a psychological need to project. They think life has been unfair to them, so they must cheat in order to get ahead. They rationalize this by ascribing the same behavior to their critics.

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The projector simply applies their motives and thought processes to other persons. It is a variation on ” the thinking that created the problem’ being inadequate as a means of solving that same said problem.”

However, you think you assume others think as well. Good people do it also, its why they are so shocked if and when they finally realize the depths of depravity of persons who are decidedly not so good.

It does seem to give those of ill intent an upper hand in the battle between good and evil.


The Democrats have successfully been in front of any criticisms of them by immediately accusing Republicans of what they are doing or what they are. They are masterful at this with every one of them singing the same tune provided to them by Pelosi and Schumer. Whether it is COVID-19, Iraq, polling fraud, the economy, racism, fascism, you name it, they are on the news programs and in the media slobbering their bull****.

The media is their national spokesperson obeying commands from their puppet master, the Democrat Party. The Republicans are invisible when these attacks on them occur, preferring to retreat under their desks than to actually stand up and defend themselves or the President.

“Projection” has always been the Left’s most dangerous weapon because it keeps working. Remember Hillary telling us that Democrats are smart and Republicans are stupid? Pure projection.

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Why are we having marches and riots in our major cities? Because Leftists are running them and yes, it must all be the Right’s fault.

Stop voting for these people and all the riots will go away. It really is that simple.


They’ve roused the conservative majority of Americans from our go-along, get-along slumber. We’re concerned — scared even — about where they’re trying to take our country and many are waking up to this radical way of lying.

Their best path to victory might be via backing down so that we all go back to sleep. For the corruption of the last ten years they cut their losses and allow some Swampcritters to be convicted.

For the next ten years or so they play nice and consolidate control where they can — schools, parts of health care, etc. AND THEN — maybe 2032 — win the presidency with an engaging and charismatic candidate and a platform that’s positive enough to bring effective majorities in both houses of Congress.

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I don’t call it projection, however. I believe it is a deliberate attempt to deflect attention away from their own bad acts by pointing the finger at their opponents, who for some reason end up endlessly trying to defend themselves against these baseless accusations. The media, mostly owned by the left, play along with this game, and the average American is left trying to figure out what in the heck is going on.

The projection they are pushing now on every program is Trump will not leave office when he loses. Everyone will be watching him and not what’s going on behind the curtain.

They are pure evil. They are planning to cheat big time. Everyone needs to be on alert.




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