Wisconsin Man Given 4 Years in Prison for 3D-Printing So-Called ‘Ghost Guns’

ghost guns arrested
Screenshot: Brown County Jail

By Dr. Derek Ellerman

Titletown, USA has been all over the news recently, with the Groundhog Day drama of Packers sure-fire Hall of Fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers following his predecessor to New York after a seemingly messy divorce with the NFL’s most storied and decorated franchise.

But that’s not the only news out of Green Bay. 

Unfortunately, the city is also home to one Mitchell Guerrero, who is being railroaded by the state of Wisconsin’s Democrat-run Department of Justice and the ATF for exercising his Second Amendment rights. 

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Ghost Gun Producer Given Prison

Guerrero was sentenced to 46 months in prison for the “crime” of creating and “trafficking” so-called “ghost guns.” 

In plain English: Guerrero used a 3D printer to create functional gun parts.

The problem is, those parts don’t have serial numbers, which according to the criminals in Washington (who also happen to be the world’s largest arms dealers) means Guerrero has done something wrong. (This is another case of “You’re Only Allowed To Own Things Purchased From Giant Corporations.”)

The other problem is, Guerrero apparently did not receive permission from the government to sell his property to willing consumers – he didn’t possess an FFL (Federal Firearms License) from his overlords, which would “allow” him to sell his property.

Now, a careful reader will realize I’m being a bit tongue-in-cheek here. 

Even “responsible” gun owners are liable to tell you they support “reasonable” Second Amendment restrictions like getting approval from the Great Father in Washington to sell guns. 

But should they? Particularly now? 

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An ‘Individual Mandate’ We Should All Support

It’s no secret that there are powerful factions in this country that want to completely disarm the American people. For now, they’re content with incremental encroachments on your Second Amendment rights, like banning this or that component, or ammunition. 

And everyone with a pulse is aware that President Biden and the Democrats are trying their level best to ban “assault weapons” – regular semi-automatic rifles that are festooned with cosmetic enhancements. 

So it’s a time like this that patriots should be especially supportive of the means to create such objects. (Say, aren’t communists supposed to support us mere proles seizing the means of production!?)

According to Wisconsin’s DOJ, Guerrero possessed, all 3D-printed, a handgun, magazines, silencers, and a sear for an AR-15. 

On their own, only the sear would be illegal. 

Now I know some of you may be thinking to yourself, “This is all dangerous! Uncle Sam needs to approve these things!” 

That’s where you’re wrong. As I’ve written elsewhere, the ATF should be a convenience store, not a government agency. (MAGA Rep. Matt Gaetz has done the thankless job of writing legislation to abolish the ATF, which “pro-2A Republicans” have refused to move forward or support.)

The point is this: Sometime in the near future, opponents of “ghost guns” will find themselves seeking out a black market 3D printer dealer, and regret sending men to prison for a non-crime.

Frankly, if there’s an individual mandate all Americans should support, it’s that every able-bodied man should be required to keep a clean, functioning “assault rifle.”

You know what you need an “assault rifle” for? 

For when you’re under assault.

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Recently, The Political Insider’s Brett Smith chatted with Bearing Arms editor Cam Edwards about the attacks on our Second Amendment. It’s a must-see for all lovers of the Constitution:

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