Last weekend, hundreds of thousands of supporters of President Trump descended on Washington, DC to rally in support of the President.

The event, hosted by Women for America First (the organization led by Amy Kremer – one of the founders of the Tea Party movement) was an unbelievable success, exceeding even the wildest dreams of the organizers.

This isn’t the last massive pro-Trump rally planned for DC. Women for America First are planning another rally on Saturday, December 12th.

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Additionally, smaller rallies have been occurring in cities all across the country.

The legacy media and the left want to convince the country – but especially Trump supporters – that the “Trump moment” is over.

They want Trump’s base, his most committed supporters, to believe that they are all alone.

Just this morning, Axios – without bothering to cite a poll or any hard facts – says, “most hardcore Trump sources have psychologically bailed, and are just waiting out the storm.”

These same outlets downplayed the turnout at the last March for Trump in DC, and openly mocked the patriotic Americans who attended it.

Ignore the legacy media.

The Trump moment isn’t over, and Trump supporters, you are not alone.

Trump supporters can and should fight back against this narrative, which is why these rallies and protests matter. Beyond just this election or this President.

This Movement Is Just Beginning

These rallies, like the rallies and protests in 2009 that gave birth to the Tea Party movement, are critical to the America First movement.

The movement that Trump’s candidacy and his Presidency gave birth to, needs to show its continuing influence.

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Massive turnouts at the rallies and protests help keep the America First coalition together and in control in the Republican Party.

As we learned all too well during Trump’s first term, the weak-kneed Republican establishment can never simply be trusted to do the right thing. We will only keep Republicans in the House and the Senate in check if we hold their feet to the fire.

Whether Trump eventually prevails in his effort to count every legal vote, we knew that the battle for the heart and soul would start the moment the 2020 campaign ended.

Up until now, the America First movement has relied heavily on President Trump’s leadership and his star-power to bring this coalition together, grow it and hold it together.

Time For Supporters To Stand Up For President Trump

Now President Trump needs his grassroots supporters to do their part. Trump supporters need to be more vocal than ever.

We need to be heard and we need to be seen.

We need to make it crystal clear that there is no going back to the Romney-Ryan Republican Party that so many in the establishment pine for.

We can do this by participating in pro-Trump marches, rallies and protests – whether in DC or on the street corner in your local town.

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Beyond these events, Trump supporters need to continue to let the world know they still stand with Trump and are committed to the America First movement.

We need to continue to see the red “Make America Great Again” hats everywhere.

Keep your Trump signs up and your Trump flags flying. Continue to speak out on social media platforms in support of the President.

The war isn’t over – far from it. We need to rally America First conservatives in Georgia to hold the Senate.

We need to flip the Virginia Governorship in 2021.

We need to fire Nancy Pelosi and return a Republican majority in the House and expand control in the Senate in 2022.

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We need to make sure that Republican politicians share our America First agenda and we need to make sure that – once elected – they fight for us and for that agenda.